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      The info given in advance was a bit weird indeed. But 2h15m at prime time is still majestically long :-) And at least there is a bit more time to change over from Ryan Kamasi Porter Washington to Norwegians finest. Glad it is finally confirmed ;-)


      December 1st 2018:

      Verkstedhallen, Svartlamon.

      Svartlamons 20 years celebration weekend. Motorpsycho played last of 17 acts.

      From Bent’s setlist:

      – Ship of fools

      – Greener

      – Triggerman

      – Dreamhouse

      – Bartok

      – H. Mac

      – Taifun/The Tower


        @TheoBuhara: Was it a trio-gig? Or did they have a 4th guy with them?


        Just the three. Great show and extatic crowd. The show was kept secret (since march).

        Israelvis played on friday for the first time since Pstereo 2010… which pretty much recreated the “victory concert” from twenty years ago. With added bonus performances from Trass, Rodgers, Daily Hum, Gautomatikk, Alle Grøfters Mor, Svartlamon Hardkor, Svartlamon Damekor, G.O.D.S. (for the first time in a couple of years), Brutal Kuk, Phy and many more. Great weekend!


          Jero: Ryan Porter cancelled his tour so "less stress" before mp on Saturday :?

          schnu underberg

            shit, i was really interrested in Ryan Porter….

            but the timetalble is great, after MP: Dans Dans, and then three trapped tigers. GREAT

            see you there

            schnu "norton" underberg


              Yeah, got the Doornroosje newsletter about that cancellation, anyway, so many promising bands will be there, so no stress at all, it's gonna be great! MP was announced originally to bring a fourth man; curious about who it will be?, I liked the contributions of Lars at the Rune-gig a lot, that would be nice. If they decide to play as a powertrio I'd be a happy man as well, 'çause that would be my first. To everyone going: have a great night! :STG:

              Krist Rampage

                Really disapointed about the cancellation of Ryan Potter. The poor man is in the hospital. Hope he gets well soon.

                But yes it's gonna be great! Can't wait to see Motorpsycho again. I hope they bring Lars. And play some new songs.

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