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      04.04.2019 – NO Bodø, Sinus

      10.04.2019 – NO Haugesund, Høvleriet

      11.04.2019 – NO Bergen, Hulen

      12.04.2019 – NO Bergen, Hulen

      13.04.2019 – NO Stavanger, Folken

      02.05.2019 – NO Tromsø, Driv

      03.05.2019 – NO Trondheim, Verkstedhallen

      04.05.2019 – NO Ã…lesund, Terminalen

      11.05.2019 – NO Oslo, Sentrum Scene

      14.05.2019 – DK Aarhus, Train

      15.05.2019 – DK Copenhagen, Hotel Cecil

      16.05.2019 – DE Hamburg, Markthalle (w. Elder – 25 Years Stickman anniversary)

      19.05.2019 – NL Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg

      21.05.2019 – NL Groningen, Vera

      22.05.2019 – BE Leuven, Het Depot

      23.05.2019 – DE Hannover, Faust

      24.05.2019 – DE Wiesbaden, Schlachthof

      25.05.2019 – CH Lausanne, Les Docks

      27.05.2019 – AT Wien, Arena

      28.05.2019 – IT Trezzo Sull'adda (MI), Live Music Club

      29.05.2019 – IT Bologna, Zona Roveri Music Factory

      30.05.2019 – IT Avellino, Teatro Partenio

      31.05.2019 – IT Roma, Orion

      01.06.2019 – IT Genova, Goa Boa Preview

      02.06.2019 – DE Reutlingen, Kulturzentrum franz.K

      28.06.2019 – NO Trondheim, Trondheim Rocks

      31.07.2019 – NO Trondheim, Byscenen / Olavsfestdagene – Motorpsycho with friends

      10.08.2019 – NO Oslo, Øyafestivalen – Motorpsycho with friends

      28.09.2019 – DK Odense, Posten

      29.09.2019 – DE Bremen, Schlachthof

      01.10.2019 РDE K̦ln, Gloria

      15.10.2019 – DE Frankfurt am Main, Mousonturm

      16.10.2019 – DE Leipzig, Conne Island

      17.10.2019 – DE Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg


        Thank you for the updates!

        What a strange schedule: So many days off and even weeks off on the spring leg of 2019! Two days off in a row (17th and 18th of May) are not typical for Motorpsycho and no concert has been announced to fill this hole (on a weekend).


          17th of may is the norwegian constitution day, so the guys will probably be eating ice cream with their kids and having a drink (or five, hence no gig 18th).


            It can also be that they take into consideration that the Stickman 25 years anniversary on May 16 might last a few hours into the (next) night. :cheers:


              They will also probably have a easter break after the gig in Stavanger. I also think there is a sugarfoot album on it's way. And probably a few gigs around that release.

              Punj Lizard

                In autumn 2017 I think they had a two-week break after a number of Norwegian dates, which is when Kristoffer Lo then joined them to rehearse before the rest-of-Europe tour.


                  Psssst – the gap in April might be due to the strong rumour that they booked studio time to record material which will be performed "with friends" later in the summer ;)

                  The break after Hamburg is still annoying, Psychonaut needs to make plans for travel :|

                  Krist Rampage

                    So then they are recording in april and in august. That's awesome.

                    Someone mentioned the Into The Void festival. Would be amazing if they did play there.


                        unfortunately there are bass, volume and time limitations at the hannover show. that is one reason why it starts at 7:30 pm already.

                        more info: faust, hannover info

                        hope to see any of you there anyway!

                        Punj Lizard

                          20.09.2019 – GR Athens, Fuzz Club

                          Fuzz Club, Athens

                          Is this a first time in Greece? I think the website mentions that they're returning after a long absence.

                          There are now even more dates to fill Рbetween Athens and Odense; and between K̦ln and Frankfurt.

                          The Other Anders

                            Second time in Greece. First time was An Club in Athens 06.10.2001. My recording of it is still out there, a great night it was.


                              Except for the very drunk guy shouting for 577 the whole gig, Anders? :lol:

                              The Other Anders

                                Who? Me? Hahaha! That was a wet dream coming true in 2002. Your comment had me break out the Athens recording again. Energetic concert with lots of hot playing. No shouting for 577, but there is this guy shouting for Vortex Surfer a couple of times…

                                The Other Anders

                                  To bring this back on topic, I will see Copenhagen and Hamburg on this tour for sure. I am also thinking of Lausanne. Anyone else?

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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994