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    Punj Lizard

      @ cloudhawker – I noticed that too. Hoping for an announcement soon. Fingers crossed.


        @ pfnuesel, I don't think they ever did Italy in two different periods of the same year, they certainly didn't in the last 10 years. With the 5 dates we just got, I'd say that's very unlikely. But of course I hope with all my heart that I'm wrong, it would be fantastic if they came back so soon.


          @paolinogrande001 – No December concert in Trondheim announced so far, but it is still very early.

          And the boys will need money for gifts.


            The band still "owes" Longyearbyen a concert. A show was scheduled in 2017 but had to be cancelled due to a pilot's strike. Maybe they can find a date in December (or is it impossible to visit Longyearbyen in December?).


                Man, they are really hitting weird C markets this year :-)

                You don't need to look further than the most recent Belgian gig to realise that folks on 04.10. will be in for a treat. It's even a Friday! Very tempted to make a travel plan right away…


                Motorpsycho and Sugarfoot will play Ringnesfestival in Skotbu 2-3 august

                  Punj Lizard

                    Minor update incorporating Braine-le-Comte and Ringnesfestival.

                    28.06.2019 – NO Trondheim, Trondheim Rocks

                    31.07.2019 – NO Trondheim, Byscenen / Olavsfestdagene – Motorpsycho with friends

                    02-03.08.2019 – NO Skotbu, Ringnesfestival

                    10.08.2019 – NO Oslo, Øyafestivalen – Motorpsycho with friends

                    13.09.2019 – ES Donostia, Dabadaba

                    14.09.2019 – ES Madrid, Get Mad Festival

                    15.09.2019 – ES Avilés, Factoría Cultural

                    20.09.2019 – GR Athens, Fuzz Club

                    28.09.2019 – DK Odense, Posten

                    29.09.2019 – DE Bremen, Schlachthof

                    30.09.2019 – NL Amsterdam, Paradiso Noord

                    01.10.2019 РDE K̦ln, Gloria

                    03.10.2019 – LU Luxembourg, den Atelier

                    04.10.2019 – BE Braine-le-Comte, Salle Baudouin IV

                    08.10.2019 – CH Zürich, Rote Fabrik

                    15.10.2019 – DE Frankfurt am Main, Mousonturm

                    16.10.2019 – DE Leipzig, Conne Island

                    17.10.2019 – DE Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg

                    18.10.2019 – NL Hengelo, Metropool

                    19.10.2019 – NL The Hague, Paard

                    05.12.2019 – NO Tromsø, Driv

                    Good luck to the lads for tomorrow's Trondheim Rocks appearance.


                      Some info about the Øyafestivalen gig:

                      Motorpsycho w/ friends are playing from 21:45 – 23:00.

                      So no 3 hour jam extravaganza this time :lol:

                      Punj Lizard

                        @otherdemon РBut presumably it will be almost entirely new music if it is a repeat of the H̴kon Gullv̴g-inspired material that will debut ten days earlier at Byscenen / Olavsfestdagene. :lol: I'm very excited to hear what the results will be and hopefully soon thereafter the material will receive a proper release.


                          A very short show at Trodheim Rocks today as well. 1.15 before the next band hits the stage means just about enough time to tune the guitars. But there will be STG beer to be found :cheers:


                            @Punj: That is correct, it will be the same music as Olavsfestdagene.

                            I'm excited as well about this material. Also curious to see which friends

                            will attend (Lars Horntveth + Ola Kvernberg are already confirmed)

                            The 3 hour jam extravaganza was mentioned a bit jokingly. But they played for

                            2 hours at the legendary Øyafestivalen gig in 2010. So it wouldn't have been

                            THAT far-fetched :P


                              Does anyone know anything more about Ringnesfestivalen? The info on their site is semi-cryptic…appears to be a very small, very low-profile thing. The program doesn't say whether they will be playing Friday or Saturday. It's not too far from me, so it's tempting, but the Saturday and full-weekend tickets are sold out.


                                @shakti – Motorpsycho will play Aug 3. according to latest fb update from the festival.

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