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    07.04.2022 – NO Tromso, Driv

    08.04.2022 – NO Trondheim, Verkstedhallen

    09.04.2022 – NO Alesund, Terminalen

    19.04.2022 – NO Bergen, Kulturhuset

    20.04.2022 – NO Stavanger, Folken

    21.04.2022 – NO Oslo, Sentrum Scene

    29.04.2022 – SE Malmö, Plan B

    30.04.2022 – DK Copenhagen, Stairway

    02.05.2022 – DE Hamburg, Markthalle

    03.05.2022 – DE Hannover, Faust

    04.05.2022 – DE Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg

    05.05.2022 – DE Bremen, Schlachthof

    06.05.2022 – DE Köln, Gloria

    07.05.2022 – NL Nijmegen, D'roosje Sonic Whip

    08.05.2022 – NL Groningen, Vera

    09.05.2022 – NL Amsterdam, Paradiso Noord

    11.05.2022 – CH Fribourg, Fri-Son

    12.05.2022 – IT Padova, Hall

    13.05.2022 – IT Nonantola, Vox Club

    15.05.2022 – IT Trezza sull'Adda, Live Club

    17.05.2022 – IT Torino, Hiroshima Mon Amour

    18.05.2022 – AT Wien, Flex

    19.05.2022 – CH Winterthur, Salzhaus

    21.05.2022 – DE Reutlingen, Franz K

    22.05.2022 – DE München, Backstage

    23.05.2022 – DE Dresden, Beatpol

    24.05.2022 – DE Bielefeld, Forum

    25.05.2022 – BE Arlon, Entrepot

    07.08.2022 – CH Val de Bagnes, Palp Festival

    23.09.2022 – BE Leuven, Het Depot


      Something to look forward to :)

      Was it confirmed that it's 23/9 and not 24/9? It's a 2-day festival…

      FB event:

      Ticket sale starting 'early November' (but hasn't started yet):

      Punj Lizard

        I'm definitely planning on a trip under the channel to make that Orange Factory anniversary celebration in Leuven.

        @nicoot – the poster seemed to indicate that MP would play on the 23rd.

        Orange Factory

          Ticket sale for 25 years Orange Factory starts on November 5, 10am. Motorpsycho is the only band on Friday September 23.

          Punj Lizard

            @ Orange Factory – thanks for the heads-up :D




                Ow yes, the only band on friday ! That's gonna be a long concert ! :STG:


                  @Orange Factory: link doesn't work? Can't find anything on the Depot website either (maar misschien morgen pas) :)

                  Punj Lizard

                    @nicoot / @orangefactory

                    I'm having the same problem with that link. My guess is that it will work at 10.00 this morning, but I have also tried going through the links on the Orange Factory website homepage. First by clicking INFO, then by clicking on the "Reservations/Tickets" option. That takes you to a page where there are two concerts listed – Delving, for which you can buy tickets, and 25 Years of Orange Factory, for which you can't yet buy tickets. Fingers crossed for 10.00.

                    Punj Lizard

                      Success! I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out which ticket to buy. I wanted a ticket for both nights so bought the "combiticket", but that combiticket has only one date on it (23 Nov). I kept copying and pasting to Google Translate to try to clarify, but if anyone else could confirm I got the right ticket, that would be great. :-)

                      In any case, I'll be there on the 23rd and look forward to meeting up. :D


                        @Punj Lizard Jon, I hope you'll be there on 23 Sep and not 23 Nov ;-) the combiticket should be fine (50 euro).

                        Will buy my ticket in a minute. Really hesitating for only MP or combi ticket. There are so many events already in Fall 2022 haha…

                        Punj Lizard

                          @ nicoot Nicolas, lol. Yes 23 Sep. :lol:


                            I wouldn't hesitate a minute – Hypnos 69 will be playing on 09/24 pray.gif.

                            Hypnos 69 is a Belgian cult band with an international reputation that ceased to exist in 2012, but is coming back together especially for this Orange Factory anniversary.


                            Haha, was already thinking "didn't Hypnos 69 break up a few years ago?". Ufomammut is pretty cool as well, so that's quite a lineup!


                              Got my combi ticket ! Really happy to see Hypnos 69 again. If I’m not mistaking, it’s just a one-time show.

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994