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    Tickets for friday 28.03.14 at Larvik Gitarfestival


    i guess this is a mistake…

    Motorpsycho / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, 26. Feb, Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland


      Guess so, too. Venue homepage only announces BRMC…:


      Looking forward to the Bergen gig! OT: I wonder if that song "leslies vest/on a plate" will be on the new record? Killer song! They played it a Landmark in Bergen back in 2011. Almost tore the roof down. Here it is from Rockefeller on the same tour:


        And I´m guessing no gig in Trondheim before december as usual…


          And I´m guessing no gig in Trondheim before december as usual…


            Another German Date:

            23.05.2013 – Forum, Bielefeld :D

            List, so far:

            14.03.2014 – Rockefeller, Oslo (NO)

            26.03.2014 – Folken, Stavanger (NO)

            27.03.2014 – USF Verftet, Bergen (NO)

            28.03.2014 – Larvik Gitarfestival, Larvik (NO)

            23.05.2013 – Forum, Bielefeld (GER)

            08.06.2014 – Halle 02, Heidelberg (GER)

            10.06.2014 – Conne Island, Leipzig (GER)



              I expected that they will play Forum this year. Because both – Forum & MP have something to celebrate:

              40 years Forum, 15 years Forum Bielefeld, 25 years Motorpsycho. :cheers:


                Here it starts – the most exciting time in the psychonauts' life: album release date (+ title) fixed and tourdates popping in and in and in :-)

                Bielefeld sounds like a must (anyway), I hope Bremen Schlachthof to be played and wouldn't mind Düsseldorf's Zakk as well :-))


                  MOTORPSYCHO again in the "city that doesn't exist". Gotta sit down and calm my pulse…

                  Woooaah! That could be something really weird, as the band usually plays superb there!

                  I'd like to get a BIELEFELD WHEEL once in my life…first row dead center…

                  oh, and my second choice would be Fabrik in Hamburg. Grünspan would be ok, but it was

                  really "mollich warm" inside. Hannover…that would be cool…Duesseldorf is ok, but to

                  me the location sucks a bit. I'd rather do Paradiso in A'dam…


                  They better not skip de Effenaar again this year!


                    They better not skip Zürich as usual. :lol:

                    stupid city. no one ever books them here. :roll:


                      Stickfrau Writes (on Stickman page) that a European tour is lined up for May and June, and that dates will be posted "shortly".


                        Oh, yes forgot BREMEN, that would be cool…but I guess they play only BREMEN or HAMBURG.

                        But at least my friends from the southwest got their MP experience as well…We should get

                        a marvellous tape from HIGHDELBURG…like the last 3-source matrix from 2010…


                        definitely going to bielefeld! and i hope they will play bremen because they always play incredible shows there.

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