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    @superstooka: Thanks mate! See you at the show!


    here´s another link to buy tickets for the shows in germany


    VERA tickets on presale *now*



      Köln sold out according to Powerline! Four days to go!


      Wow, the “Gloria” holds up to 900 people standing (400 sitting)… gonna be great – can’t wait :-)


      but will there be tickets available a the the gloria?


      I don’t think so, but have a look here down at the wall: from psychonaut to psychonaut ;-)


        Does anyone know how it works with the ticket reservations at Vera? I just reserved one and I am not sure what happens next? Bring the reservation e-mail to the door on the night of the concert? Is that all I need to do? Pay at the door?



        hey, glad to know you will come to Vera also! Well, I think so. I reserved Vera ticket through web in January 10th, then I asked about it last week and made sure no problems. Magic bus crew also said about Vera tickets,

        “Have to pick them up at the entrance within an hour after the doors open.”



          Excellent! Looking forward to this. Vera should be great! But first Paradiso!


            That’s right. Just say your name at the door ( I worked in Vera). Just don’t be late, but something tells me you won’t ;-)


            Hey Akane,

            Good to hear you’ll be joining the tour AND there is another Magic Bus roaming around! I texted Alex, but I think he’s busy. Please let me know if you all are there, would like to meet up again, if only to say “Hi!” like last time.

            Have safe journeys & I hope to hear from you.




            @Red Mosquito: i must be logged in to see the page…. :(


            @Ivan: Then try this one

   (the guy offers 2 tickets face value, downtown cologne)


            Hi Thomas!

            I will leave home about 2 hours later… at last time has come!

            I will join from Amsterdam to Heidelberg, hope to see you again also!

            Magic bus will start from Berlin…Good ol’ mighty Psychonauts will ride ; )

            See you soon!


            Paradiso! see ya there.

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