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      Received the vinyl volume 2 this morning, together with the Kiss tribute single – a nice little artefact to own.

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        I received an “order shipped” mail from Tiger on November 2, but nothing’s arrived yet. I have emailed them twice, but not a peep back. Crap customer service… What’s the point of pre-ordering if you don’t get the record before (or at least on) the release date?


          Hi. I recived the same info from Tiger 2 november. Still no album…


            Same info from Tiger here, but the package arrived last week!


              I had a similar problem. I ordered it, and chose to physically collect at the store. A few days after release date, and still no notification of it being ready for pick-up. Got an e-mail saying it had been sent in the mail.

              Nearly 2 weeks later got an e-mail saying it was ready for picking up at the store. Must’ve been laying in a dark dusty corner of the shop :wacko: First time ever I had a delay with MP related orders, so it was probably due :P


                Just called Tiger, and it was sent 18 days ago…. Not normal for the Norwegian postal service🤷🏻‍♂️.


                  No tracking number? Isn’t that mandatory when you send a package in Norway? I refuse to believe that this is the Norwegian postal service’s fault. I know of at least 4 other persons who haven’t received their records.
                  Tiger promised to mail me back today, but I haven’t heard anything yet. This is very poor customer service.


                    I ask for the tracking number last summer for vol.1 lp, and they reply:

                    Hi! these are sent as standard letter, wich the postal service don’t offer tracking for.

                    Received it 10 days after shipping to the Netherlands.

                    Vol.2 did not get a shipping mail yet.


                      Arrived at the customs (Finland) with an extra 29€ to pay.


                        Norwegian customer, not yet received, no reply on e-mail to Tiger. A bit strange, as they usually reply super quick.


                          Same here, also know a few people missing their orders from Tiger. Never received Volume 1 and last answer (of many tries) is long ago :(

                          The magic is that Volume 2 arrived last week and I sent a picture of how the package looked like in order to have Volume 1 send the same way.

                          Now keeping on waiting.

                          Ordering from 🇳🇴 is tricky since tracked shipping is very expensive. But this is no alternative. (Makes the break up with Stickman even worse for fans from outside of Norway :-/ )

                          PS: I think Volume 2 is a wonderful listen. Great project besides the poor logistics/communication.

                          mister conclusion

                            Same here. Volume 2 arrived one week ago, Volume 1 never made it here (Germany). No answers to emails.

                            Oh, and by the way, in this thread it was stated by petterfe that

                            All singles come with download cards. The tracks are made available for streaming and download via Bandcamp. You can download in any (or all) of the following formats: MP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV, AIFF.

                            I have ordered the singles box (!) after this info. Back in december ’21.

                            Now guess what…

                            Imagine a long list of swear words and insults here.


                              You guys are going to hate me. I just received another vinyl copy of vol. 2 together with another free single. The thing is: I only ordered one copy! Now I suppose I have the hassle of returning it. Things are not going well over at Tiger!


                                You can just send it directly to me, that’s probably faster than waiting for Tiger to sort shit out :-)

                                I actually finally received an email from them yesterday, where they just told me to give it another couple of weeks and see if it turns up … Yeah, right.


                                  Couple of weeks? I will call them again tomorrow. Maybe swing by… Wait a couple of weeks😂😂.

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