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    Juergen, absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much for all this information, top post is updated :)

    Mark, of course you’re right, a few vocal lessons wouldn’t hurt. But then again, there is a special edge to Bent’s singing when he IS pushing his voice, something unique that makes me want to listen to the records again and again. But the problem will arise; for how long will he be able to sing at all if he continues to push his voicelike he does today? One’s voice tears down over the years…

    But hell, let’s point out that Neil Young can’t sing at all (even though he somehow still can), and he’s my all-time favorite artist!


      You’re absolutely right, about Bent AND Neil (one of my all time favourites too)


      Was able to track this down using Dampsaba, it wasn’t on our list yet. Now it is added :)

      “Like a Hurricane” – Hvelvet, Flekkefjord, 12.03.1996 (no recording known)

    Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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