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      Ordered both out of a reflex – although I'm feeling extremely disappointed. Several reasons for that:

      – adding Demon Box to the box set makes no sense – it just makes it more expensive (and what a cheap explanation: "included in this box set simply because it's essential for the period and the collection wouldn't be complete without it." – well, most fans' collections are complete without it …)

      – why not include the Rut 7" as a standalone instead of putting it on a compilation? Wouldn't that actually contribute to making collections complete?

      – the "box set" is in fact just a slipcase (no booklets, no nothing …)

      – Communication: Will there be standalone releases of the EPs, Lobo and Soothe? I assume Rune will announce it only after the 2,000 box sets have sold out.

      Plus, judging from the short clip on Rune FB:

      – the Blitz is only 5 out of the originally played 10 tracks, makes it a meaningless record altogether

      – the EPs look like they are 12", which is a bit lame considering 10" is the band's standard for EPs

      And the pricing, well, truly ridiculous! Paid roughly 300 Euros for it, that is a lot of dough for the few gems that can be found in the box sets.

      A missed chance, for sure.



        That was quick. Last time I checked (afternoon, earlier today) I couldn't put them in the cart, and now they are gone. When will these be available from Stickman? I'll probably miss them there, too :|

        @Angel_or_Daemon: True, I don't need another "Demon box". I defend the 12" format of the EPs, though, just because I'm not a big fan of 10" records (plus: aren't they quite long?).


          "The great R 'n R swindle"

          Ah, the next discogs/eBay gem…:-)


            I just learned that it was sold. And of course it was sold out. The time difference is too harsh living in Japan. It is hard.


              If anyone has purchased more than one as a spare, would you be willing to sell them to me?


                @aki – there were only one copy per customer (yeah I know, there are probably sharks with multiple addresses out there. But they will not sell cheap).

                The latest emails from Rune has some information on alternative distributors, Stickman and others.



                    @ThorEgil san

                    Thank you for information

                    I just got a response to my DM from the band.

                    It seems that the label has taken the liberty of pre-selling this release, which was not what the band had in mind.

                    If ThorEgil's information is true, there may still be a chance to buy from Stickman.


                      Still available at for those in norway


                        Anyone volunteering to refresh the Stickman homepage every 5 minutes for the upcoming 2 weeks (and let us know when they're up for sale)?


                          From the Rune emails:

                          "A certain quantity will be distributed through Cargo Records UK and their European network. Vinyl retailers in Norway will also be able to order from our Norwegian distributor.

                          A relatively small amount will be sold through Stickman´s website."


                          "if you expect that your local customs office will cause you problems and you don´t want to risk paying possible taxes, we advise that you order from a local distributor like Konkurrent (be-ne-lux), Cargo (Germany) or Goodfellas (Italy). They get their stock from Cargo UK, our main international distributor. Alternatively, contact your local shop or online retailer that normally sell Motorpsycho vinyl."


                            A relatively small amount…

                            I might have a tax problem.

                            I recently ordered a Polaroid film from US and just cancelled it when I found out they add up to 90% tax.

                            Sad situation.

                            Phoots Flower

                              Several friends and myself have been unable to buy. What a pity. I'm sure we'll end up seeing them at even more prohibitive prices.

                              The preorder opened around 5pm and the message in this topic about the sold out was around 1am. It sold out in 8 hours? That we are not talking about a 20/30 euros disc. I don't understand


                              At the least the guys should have no problems getting a reasonable income these days :-)


                                We don't know how many Rune Grammofon put out on their website. It's also available from different distributors in Norway (not sold out) and will probably be around Europe like Rune said in his newsletter.

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