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      Spoiler alert – for real though! Do not read if you do not want to know!

      Rolf G, the StickHerr himself said on Facebook it's most likely to do with the VoW-releases. So Lobo, Soothe, Mountain and Another Ugly. And maybe 3 Songs?


        Wondering how those two could make the biggest box sets Rune has ever done though. Live stuff??


          @paolinogrande001: I'm wondering the same thing. Especially since a lot

          of the Soothe outtakes were released on the Demon Box boxset. But if there's

          a lot of extra live material, then it's an easy purchase.

          We'll just have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to see.


            well, last September the band announced the reissue of Lobotomizer, remember? On Instagram it said: "@runegrammofon will release a newly remastered and reassembled edition of the original album next year, as it was intended to be heard. here’s to 30 years!"

            I guess that is one of the two sets, right?


            Since our Norwegian (non-EU) distributor moved warehouse to Sweden (EU), VAT issues have potentially become more complicated than before. And no one seems to know the exact rules and regulations, which can also vary from country to country. We have so far no indications that EU customers or Norwegian customers are being charged VAT when receiving packages from Sweden. We are curious to know if you have experienced otherwise.

            My experience :

            • shipping from Norway to Belgium : VAT added

            • shipping to Belgium from any other EU country : no extra VAT

            Don't know from where the Maiden Voyage was shipped, but it was considered from Norway and I had to pay extra.


            Rune writes:

            "A relatively small amount will be sold through Stickman´s website.", hence this is VoW stuff, my guess is a 12" boxset (Lobo+Soothe?) and a 10" boxset for the long awaited EPs.

            Let's hope there are some extras to make the deal sweet.


              Motorpsycho: Salad Days vol. 1 (4LP box set)

              1.599,00 kr


              Motorpsycho: Salad Days vol. 2 (3LP + 2EP box set)

              1.199,00 kr



                I actually think I'm going to skip these.

                Most of the things are already released. The lone possible exception

                being Live at Blitz '93 (if it's the complete gig, 4 tracks were released

                on the Demon Box boxset)


                  Love love love. Next box will be canary shows i guess


                  Don't care that much about Lobotomizer and Soothe, so I'll skip that one. Vol 2 looks pretty cool tho! Missed out on the Demon Box vinyl reissue and even that version now sells for almost as much as the whole box.


                  Very tempted to wait and see if I can grab one of the Stickman's stock.


                    Ouch, expensive stuff. It says “Live at Blitz '93” is exclusive to this box set. Does that mean the others will be released separately? I don’t really need another lobo, soothe or db, but would love the other stuff.

                    Also, it doesn’t seems like maiden voyage is part of this, which is a bit weird I think.


                    Maiden Voyage is handled by different label, it's not connected to Rune.


                      So the Blitz album is a single, so 40-45 mins tops. Demon Box on one side and hopefully Mountain ++ on the other?


                        For those in oslo and want to save money on shipping. Big Dipper has also started pre sales, and you can pick it up on release

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