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      I (and all the other very old punk rockers here) am very happy to see that Motorpsycho has finally decided to name an album (or rather, two box sets) after a Minor Threat EP.


      Not to piss on Rune Grammofon's effort, but indeed, no extra booklets, posters, whatever prints, only half a show on vinyl, yet another Demon Box pressing,… And the artwork preview not being very glorious to me kinda made me feel ok about missing these releases.

      I'm probably wrong considering many of the qualities of these releases, but I'm way more excited about the new album, which just can't come soon enough.

      As some sort of completist, I may give it a shot with Stickman, but I won't stress about it more than that.


        Its not like motor and ne putting a gun to your heads and say buy this is it ? I will buy them when the price is high in Disc o. No, I am happy that I live in Las Palmas so and can buy the boxes from Lillebror myself


          I feel the release was rushed.

          Information came on mail, then they released it, followed by a long mail on taxes. There should have been more time between announcement and release, and also clearer where to get and when.


              From the video presentation, Live at Blitz appears to have

              Sheer Profoundity


              Nothing to Say


              Demon Box

              Would have loved Sunchild, Feedtime and Mountain for sure. Just don't understand why it's not 2LP.


                Exactly the four songs from the DB box, hardly half an hour of music. Shame …


                  Available for pre-order in the UK from the Norman. And compared to the Norwegian shops they are selling them cheap!


                  schnu underberg

                    ships from ireland …..EU, without addtional tax


                    ships from ireland …..EU, without addtional tax


                    Interesting, that's 235€ including shipping.

                    On Rune, it was 290 before shipping and additional custom taxes.


                      Releases From Other Labels

                      So far the best option for the Netherlands and still for sale.

                      Was for sale at Stickman a few day's ago, and gone in one hour…


                        The best option for price and shipping in germany is flight13 & HHV.

                        I am always wary when waiting for a parcel with a long journey and this boxes have to get here as perfect copies. So i bought both here:

                        But Spindizzy’s offer is the best in terms of price.

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                          Full page ad in Prog. Majors on these two but also shows the last five albums with three press quotes for each one.


                            Unboxing video in Norwegian at Big Dipper record store’s facebook page:

                            No more news of the unreleased stuff on the Becoming Motorpsycho album except at the very end of the video one of the guys says something about them playing Cherry Red. Hopefully a different version from the one on the Demon Box box.

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