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      Hooveriii- A Round Of Applause

      This band has become a favourite lately


        Hey Guys and Girls check out
        my latest gemran conscience Rap releases…

        Also on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc.

        I know it may be not everybodys taste in here
        but give it a try..
        Roll up and enjoy…

        See you on the Next MP Tour..



          Goose (US) have quickly and sustainably conquered my stereo this year, considerably occupying big chunks of my available music listening time. They are Generation Z’s very own jam band, combining the best of this peculiar cosmos such as very long jams and shows, happy and danceable vibes, shredding and epic peaks, endless setlist variation, groovy flow with distinct characteristics of Millenials regarding fashion, choice of covers, use and mastery of social media as well as sound features such as modest use of Autotune. The stateside scene is dynamic enough to allow for a meteoric rise, so when a YouTube video of their 2019 performance at Peach Fest went viral they rose from playing 200 capacity clubs just before the pandemic to selling out 7.000 capacity venues in summer 2022.

          Their overwhelmingly fast rise to popularity has also spawned a backlash among older heads who reproach them for being a bubblegum-version of 1990s Phish. Being a huge Phish and Dead fan (and follower of the jam band scene) myself I could hear that at first but there is enough substance and feeling in Goose to allow them to stand their own ground.

          Lots of great and free content out there, check out their YouTube and Bandcamp for free streams of every show professionally recorded. Forgo the studio output of course!

          They are developing at lightning speed and their 2022 tour has brought a new level of technical fireworks and groovy sound by adding a second drummer and polishing their own sound. A prime example is their epic show at Red Rocks 2022 available as free complete pro shot video which has been on heavy rotation here.

          Caution: Highly addictive if you are into this kind of stuff!


            Thanks, 11 Songs within 3 hours+ in Philly – sounds tempting! (Update: WOW, those guitars!!)

            In case someone is hesitating to go and see Temple Fang in Venlo tonight – I have a free ticket for you :)

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              I imagine the overlap of people who might revere the music both of Motorpsycho and of And Also The Trees is limited to one person. However, just in case, here is a track from their new album, ‘The Bone Carver’:


                Temple Fang released new EP (“Jerusalem/The Bridge”) today.
                Plus new albums from Elder and Kanaan.
                Plus plus Edena Gardens – new band / debut album (self-titled) by dudes from Causa Sui and Papir!

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                Punj Lizard

                  I just picked up the Temple Fang EP – which sounds really good at first listen. Looking forward to seeing them in Hoofddorp next week.


                    New album from Deathprod coming up. A must buy as always.


                      Breaking the rules, I know, but there are enough Anekdoten fans lurking here to justify it; this compilation is better than I expected and is worth seeing for the opening film of ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ alone – something I had not come across before. Only 13 viewers in nearly a month at the time of posting, so this needs more exposure:

                      Maybe we should have an Old Music thread?


                        Zeal & Ardor


                          ‘Like new!’

                          Just see and hear what this guy has done for this fantastic performance of ‘Ritual’ from the QPR 1975 gig recording that was notorious for its audio problems. It’s amazing!

                          Punj Lizard

                            @suntripper. Many thanks. What a band they were! I just missed out on this QPR show, having been a little too young (though I did see my first concert in 1975 (10cc, front row, Hammersmith Odeon). I had to wait until October 1977 to see Yes for the first time.


                              Anyone checked the new Elder album yet, Innate Passage? Really like it!


                                @Valderrama: As it happens, a copy is on its way to me! I definiotely approve of the direction they’ve taken. I have the delving album too and that’s pretty good.

                                @Punj Lizard: We can only dream of having seen them in their prime (and you caught the tail-end of it whereas I had to make do starting with the Drama tour in 1980), but, given that there is so little footage of any kind, let alone decent quality, documenting their ’70s heyday, the painstaking job done on this renders it priceless and goes some way to making up for having missed out. I just can’t get enough of Chris Squire’s bass on this and I wouldn’t mind betting Bent wishes he could be there playing that bass part. I’m sure he’d do a great job too.


                                  To follow up, I have now had the new Elder album on heacy rotation for a few days and it is an absolute joy. I love the sound of it; the guitars and the solos are great, while the keyboards (just enough – not too much) really freshen things up. The vocals and vocal melodies are superb. It is a truly uplifting album and it is giving me a boost every day just now. If you’re deliberating, go for it!

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