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      Indeed sounds awesome.


        @supernaut, hope you'll like it; @pfnuesel, glad, you liked it :).

        BTW, the leader of this band, Kamille, is a fellow psychonaut himself.


          That's some crazy shit! Can't stop listening to it. Hate to read that they had to split the first song on vinyl. Did you ever see them live? Does it work live? How many people are even on stage?


            @pfnuesel, I saw them twice in Kyiv (in 2013 and 2015) – they are awesome!

            In 2015 band played "Curse of the Ninth" from this album, but I prefer studio version, that has a lot of additional instrumentation – guys can't afford to travel with all musicians, who played grand piano, reeds and other stuff on it :).

            Usually there are 4 or 5 players (1 or 2 guitars, drums, bass & keyboards).

            Unfortunately the lineup is very unstable.

            As I said in the first post, they are currently on tour (Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Germany), so perhaps you'll be able to check them, if you live close enough to one of venues (see full list of dates/places on facebook).


            I found a video from that gig in 2015, this composition is from their 2nd album:

            Punj Lizard

              I was initially put off by the cover, but based on the responses I had to listen. What a ride! Some of it ticks all the right boxes for me, but the problem is the bits that don't. Will definitely give it another listen – it's an immense piece of work well worth a listen and possibly more.

              Punj Lizard

                I'm sorry but I'm going to break the rules (because they're older than three years – the band, not the rules ;) ) for this band I just discovered through a friend. Camera. They're a Krautrock band from Berlin – a bit like a 21st century Neu!. Though their latest, very upbeat, album is poppier than earlier material, it's still very very good. However, I recommend first listening to their debut Radiate! (released in 2012).

                Camera – Ausland


                  Vespero (Astrakhan, Russia) – Hollow Moon (2018)




                  Rule #1 is broken again, sorry (should we start a new thread called "Old music" :) ?), but I couldn't resist the temptation to mention these guys here – amazing instrumental space/psychedelic/prog/experimental/etc.-rock band!


                    Please feel free to break the rules when you see fit. :-)


                      DRØM – Drømmen Om Oss

                      Lyrics in Norwegian. Released in 2017.


                      @ Punji

                      great choice, CAMERA is a really great band from Berlin.

                      All records are really cool

                      The are right now on tour, all over europe, i will see them in cologne.

                      they played years ago a gig in USA with my favorite kraut band:

                      VERSTÄRKER from Kentucky

                      Best neokraut band ever

                      Verstärker – Album: Aktivität

                      released 2015 on casette

                      2018 on vinyl, sold out after 3 days…


                        Just seen Camera on a double headliner night here in Duesseldorf together with "Chickn" from Greece; both worth a listen (and visit). Chickn were new to me, more "freaky hippiesk" – Camera indeed neokraut electronic, groovy danceable. Great stuff.


                          Has Daughters been mentioned yet? I'm rarely impressed with bands/albums these days, but what an intense and furious album "You Won't Get What You Want" is. For fans of early Swans.



                          Punj Lizard

                            @schnu and Tomcat – I've bought all four albums by Camera and a ticket to see them in April. Will check out Verstärker and Chikn. Cheers :D


                              Sounds good :) For Chickn – I prefer their self titled debut album as it is more charming and further out than the tighter "Wowsers". Camera have some minimalistic but strong drumming onstage and a (quite new) guitar player which adds to the main sound… and optic impression :oops:


                                Bushman's Revenge – Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen.

                                What a fantastic album !

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