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        starless? from king crimson? wow, didn’t know that they’ve ever played it. its my favourite song from crimson…. love to hear a motorpsychodelic version


        Yes, Starless (and bible black) by King Crimson. They played it live during that period. Hope it was recorded!

        This is indeed very good news. I just hope they do not decide to do it so thoroughly that it will be postponed as long as the DVD.

        Nah, scrap that. The DVD was well worth the wait and we wouldn’t want anything slapdash now would we?




          nope, it’s only Starless. No bible black. The one from the album “Red”.



          Thanks supernaut. I always mix up the song title “Starless” with their record title “Starless and Bible Black”. Also, the line “starless and bible black” is included in the song “Starless”.




            They didn’t play Starless live in the TM-period. They played it three times on the autumn tour of 1996, and one of those were recorded (Veita, Trondheim)


              Starless was played four times:

              1996-09-26 Namsos

              1996-09-30 Trondheim

              1996-10-02 Sogndal

              1997-03-22 Trondheim

              The Trondheim show 1996-09-30 is believed to be partially recorded but Starless is probably not included on the incomplete recording. I don’t have the incomplete version, either. If anyone has then he can post more details about it, please!


              So I was talking out of my neck again, as the Dutch expression goes. Thanks for clearing this up, guys.


              a humbled Thomas


                as far as i know, Starless originated in Starless and Bible Black improvs anyway, so… :-)


                Thanks for making it even more difficult & for reminding me of those wonderful Crimson improvs! Now I will have to dig out my “Great Deceiver” box set & play all the ‘blows’ (as Fripp calls the jams) just for the hell of it. What an ordeal! :mrgreen:




                Hey folks. Wayward son, Seattle Psychonut, here. Stuck on the other side of the pond. Would have loved to have seen some of the recent shows. LOVE the lists! They must have been great shows. I am currently holed up in the hospital. Had some work done on my leg. I am a left leg below knee amputee ande had to have some “touch-ups” done. Prognosis is good.

                Gotta say. I love Starless. I am a huge fan of live recordings but my favorite Starless is the version on Red. Also one of my favorite studio recordings. Totally defined by Bill Bruford’s outstanding drum work. One More Red Nightmare is another great example from that. Sad news to relay, Bill Bruford has “oficialy retired” from active work.

                Would love to hear a great version from MP. I do have a live version of Starless. Don’t know date or location though I can dig it up when I get home. (Alex, Anders et al. MP Live Show Companion?)Anyway, MP is SOOOO good at covering tracks yet still owning them. One More Saturday Night. Heaven and Hell. And possibly the heaviest Motorpsycho track ever (and that’s saying something) Up Our Sleeves. Love Humble Pie.

                Some great covers for MP

                As Safe as Yesterday – Humble Pie

                it’s time to bite the bullet and just play it That’s it for the Other One – Grateful Dead.

                So many more.


                  Speaking of King Crimson, have you guys heard the new remastered versions of ITCOTKC and Red? Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Fripp have cooperated and remastered the albums from the original master tapes. Even made a 5.1 version. Well worth a listen!


                    @ Seattle Psychonaut

                    It is great to hear that you have a Motorpsycho recording of “Starless” (because I don’t have). If you want to share it then feel encouraged to do so!

                    All the best for your health!!!


                      There’s been for ages live MP version of Starless here on this very website: Click here! Crappy sound, but the only MP version I have heard.

                      When it comes to Crimson live vs studio of Starless, I gotta say the USA live version beats the crap out of the Red studio version. One reason only: on USA, the super tacky saxophone is omitted!

                      I would love to hear a MP version in good quality – live or studio!


                      Good to hear some signs of life from you, Seattle Psychonaut. Hope everything went well and that your leg will heal up all right. It would be great to hear the starless cover, if you have a recording better than the one on this website.

                      Also, btw. When we hung out in Tacoma, when I played the java jive with my old band, you talked about making me a grateful dead sampler. When you’re feeling up to it, drop me a mail, and I can maybe hook you up with something else in return.


                      Jan Tore

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