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          Pre-order at available.


          This must be some begynnelser stuff. the main role in the in play is named terje brekkstad.




              Seems like the order page is working now :-)


                Yes, I've also ordered it !

                It was 309 NOK, that's about 31 euro's.


                  But why are there two different prices for what looks like the same? Plus the description claims that postage is included in the price, which it isn't…


                  I think the difference might be the language, but I find it weird if that should make the English version cheaper. I've tried sending NO a message, but they won't answer.


                    I just received a reply from NO. The cheaper option includes the 10" plus a special edition of the magazine in English, with mainly older music-related interviews + the Motorpsycho section. The other more expensive option contains the 10" plus the standard issue of NO, which is in Norwegian and contains more pages.


                      Thanks for checking that out guys, sounds good :-)

                      "Betalingen misylyktes" with MC to Germany – but Visa seems to work fine :)


                      I also recieved a reply. The English version includes an extra article which is not included in the Norwegian one.

                      Krist Rampage


                        Det er alltid en begivenhet når det trønderbaserte kulturmagasinet Nye Oppstøt slipper nytt nummer, men denne gangen har de virkelig overgått seg selv i beste forstand.

                        For de uinnvidde så er Kulturmagazinet Nye Oppstøt et kultur- og samfunnsmagasin som startet som en punkfanzine sent på 70-tallet, og som i 2014 startet opp igjen med en klar agenda om å kysse nedover og å sparke oppover. I dette nummeret kan du lese en svær Motorpsycho-spesial, et portrettintervju av Dennis Lyxzén og intervju med og novelle av Levi Henriksen blant mye annet. På toppen av denne DIY-punkekransekaken kommer et vedlegg som består av tidligere uutgitt materiale fra Motorpsycho på vinyl.

                        Titommeren Terje Brekkstads Kosmiske Reise Pts 1&2 er spilt inn på Trøndelag Teater da bandet jobbet med teaterstykket Begynnelser i 2016 og gitt ut i samarbeid med Motorpsycho Archives, som er bandets egen label for musikk som faller utenfor de ordinære utgivelsene. Musikken er eksklusiv for denne utgivelsen og kan kun kjøpes som vedlegg til Nye Oppstøt #19. Coverarten, med åpenbare nikk til Soothe-stålboksen, er det Håvard Gjelseth som står for og er trykket i Stavanger av Kjetil Brandsdal/Drid Machine.

                        google translate:

                        There is always an event when the Truth-based cultural magazine Nye Oppstat releases a new number, but this time they have really surpassed themselves in the best sense.

                        For the uninitiated, Kulturmagazinet Nye Oppstøt is a cultural and social magazine that started as a punkfanzine in the late 70s, and which in 2014 started up again with a clear agenda of kissing downwards and kicking upwards. In this issue you can read a great Motorpsycho special, a portrait interview by Dennis Lyxzén and an interview with and short story of Levi Henriksen among many other things. At the top of this DIY point crown cake is an attachment that consists of previously unpublished material from Motorpsycho on vinyl.

                        Titommeren Terje Brekkstad's Cosmic Travel Pts 1 & 2 has been recorded at Trøndelag Theater when the band worked with the play Beginnings in 2016 and released in collaboration with Motorpsycho Archives, which is the band's own label for music that falls outside the ordinary releases. The music is exclusive to this release and can only be purchased as an attachment to New Rebellion # 19. Coverarten, with obvious nod to the Soothe steel box, is Håvard Gjelseth who stands for and is printed in Stavanger by Kjetil Brandsdal / Drid Machine.

                        part 1 is 11:26 long

                        Limited edition, trykket i 1200 eksemplarer.

                        Limited edition, printed in 1200 copies.

                        Thanks all. I just ordered my copy.

                        Krist Rampage

                          Oh, i paid 50 nok for shipment to the Netherlands so i guess shippment to Norway is free/included in the price and you pay extra for shipping outside of Norway.


                            I paid 149 NOK for shipping to Norway..

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994