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    Krist Rampage

      Strange. I can't imagene that what i paid is correct then.


        Ordered the "compact English" version directly from the magazine's online shop (see above) and it was 309 NOK including safe packaging – which doesn't mean shipping:.


        Received an e-mail saying that there was a mistake and I have to place an order again since there was no postage fees added. Though they write in the offer that "safe packaging" is included – which doesn't mean "shipping" … well it's not Amazon obviously. 509 NOK starts to hurt.


          The norwegian version is heavy as fuck (over 1 kg) so the postage must be expensive.

          Krist Rampage

            That must explain it then. Thank for clearing that up.

            release party?


              I too ordered the "compact English" version, and paid NOK 149 in postage to Norway!


                So I guess so far we know that pt 1 is 11:26 long and that Tos and Snah are credited composers.

                Anyone who were at the play/seen the DVD made a connection yet?


                  I'm sorry to say to those of you who have ordered from abroad that the 309 NOK incl. shipping is caused by a bug in the web shop, and that you will be asked to order again later, then with shipping added…

                  mister conclusion

                    Before (!) you go to the paying site (kassen) you can enter your postal code and country. There I have been charged 200 NOK in addition to the NOK 309, so NOK 509 in total. I needed some time to figure out which fields I had to fill out with what. These fields seem to be distributed over the page by accident. I could not enter my mobile phone number because it has too many digits. Then they require you to enter a company name.

                    Whoever programmed this webshop should be dismissed immediately because of being a total idiot.


                      I wish that Begynnelser's DVD Opening Track is included


                        I'm pretty confident this is the opening + ending track of the Begynnelser play.

                        However, it could be that the really heavy track that starts at approx 53 mins of

                        the play is part of this as well.

                        I pre-ordered at Big Dipper, practical to collect at their shop in Oslo instead of paying extra for shipping. 369 NOK is passable for 1200 ex limited edition, IMO.

                        mirai no maboroshi

                          Weird! Like Krist I also paid this morning just 50 NOK for shipment to Italy, but I didn't receive any email saying that there was a mistake and that I have to place the order again.

                          @Krist: Did you receive any email telling you that the order was canceled and that you have to place it again?


                          Krist Rampage

                            No i only received the conformation mail stating i paid 309 nok + 50 nok for shipping.


                              Damn it's expensive with shipping to Belgium :-(

                              Total price is 609 nok


                                609 NOK to Belgium? That's 62 euros. What the actual F. Even with shipping included… Worse than what some leeches ask on Discogs for limited stuff… Come on! For a magazine and music that's partly already been released on Begynnelser.


                                There is no shipping option to Germany :?

                                Will Stickman sell it in Germany?

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                              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994