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    Would anyone going to the netherland gigs be willing to buy a copy for me? Sold out at Hamburg before I reached the merch table…

    Punj Lizard

      @sleepynaut – Thanks for the sticker warning – I'm just about to open mine… Ooh, that did not go well. Oh well, I'm in now and nothing's damaged. No artwork at all – just the vinyl (green) in a plain black sleeve, and the book/mag. When I bought it at the merch desk, presumably just before or just after you did, the guy said (IIRC) that they had run out of posters. Presumably all the artwork, the signed stuff was limited.


      Oh man. That sucks then. The whole thing is supposed to be limited to 500 per colour, to then find you get a copy without all the other 'bits' despite paying full price is a bit of a kick in the nuts

      Punj Lizard

        @supernaut – I guess so. I hadn't been planning on getting a copy in the first place as I'm not a collector and I don't have a turntable and don't plan on getting one. But I was interested in the package, and in particular the Motorpsycho book/mag. Once I've read that, I might even pass the whole thing on. But you're absolutely right, if they advertised certain things in the package, they should be included.


          Not sure who advertised what and where, but here is an explanation of how it works over at the mothership insta account.

          Punj Lizard

            @ThorEgil. Thanks for some clarification on the matter.


              Ordered a copy from Nye oppstøt online, and it "only" contained the Norwegian magazine and the 10" (silver/clear vinyl) inside the silver box. Should I complain? Not at all :D


                And for those of you not on instagram


                alright! so most of you probably heard about this now, but here’s a quick heads up if you didn’t:

                Nye Oppstøt is a Trondheim based alternative culture magazine run by friends of ours, and when they wanted to make their next issue about us, we decided to join in. there are three versions of this: the norwegian version of the mag you can buy in kiosks and newsstands in Norway. there is also both a norwegian and an english version of the magazine containing the record that you can buy at the merch stand (for as long as we have remaining stock) or through our web store once we’re back home.

                the silver package contains the mag and a random colored (one of 3 variants) 10’’ containing pts 1&2 of a kosmische improv HM, Bent and Tos did while working at the Trøndelag Theatre back in 2017. we thought that kind of blissed out and drony stuff would fit well with the mag and their interest group. oh, and we really liked what we did, so there!

                we’ve randomly included a picture or a note or a poster in most of these, but there is no sytstem to it and it all depends on who does the packing and how much time he has to do it. ‘random’ being the key word here, you never know what’s in there. fun, huh?

                anyway, these things are limited, so grab them while you can. it’s a thorough and good read, and the music is as motorpsychodelic as it gets!

                And I belive the band is packing the ones on tour so thats a special for you guys :D


                Anybody willing to pick me up a copy at the Leuven show? It will be the first time I miss the Belgian leg of the tour because I became a father and have other priorities right now :) Any help would be greatly appreciated!


                Received mine today. Great ambient-sounding stuff. Reminds me of some of the incidental music from the play, and quite different from the album.


                  I am glad that someone has already listened to the vinyl. The album was very different to the theatre play which can be seen and heard on the dvd.

                  Is the music on the 10" from the dvd?


                    About the postage, Torgeir/CGR said its cheaper to ship 2 copies as the postage is the same as shipping one.

                    As for the music its recordings done at Trøndelag Teater while working on the play. Dont know if its music performed at the play. Didnt check out the records, as I was at the play.


                      Got mine ordered from Big Dipper (Record shop). No poster/sticker here either. Random indeed.

                      Punj Lizard

                        It looked like they might have had posters in Groningen last night but I can't swear on it.


                          They had a day off on May 20th, so there was some time for including posters into the sleeves.

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