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      I think that this “stunt” can be seen as Mps way of contributing to the evergrowing debate concerning piracy. With this album, they state a somewhat obvious point; If this downloading trend continues in the rate that it’s in, there will be fewer and fewer albums sold worldwide, which again makes it more difficult to survive as a musician, which finally makes the whole music business suffer. In other words; They are going back to basics, when you actually had to PAY for an album to be able to listen to it.

      Heck! I say…BRING ON THE VINYL! It’s a powerful statement, and everyone bitching about it are probably the same ones who wish for it to leak out in piratebay or something…

        It so just happens that I’m a audiofreak, (and about that, all the albums except Blissard, the “pop”-albums and Barracuda has crap sound quality.

        imo Angels & Daemons is their best sounding album to date! To add to the albums you mentioned, theres nothing wrong with the sound on Trust Us and LLM either. Actually, of the post Blissard albums, the sound quality on BH/BC is the only one who sucks imo.

        Back to topic:

        I will buy the LP for collecting purpose and supporting the band, but will digitize or d/l it for listening purpose. I wear headphones many hours a day while walking around at home, work, in the garden etc, and want the new MP album to be part of it! Soundtrack to my autistic life ;)


        Lucid, this reminds me of the old proverb: “No arms? No Cake!” ;o) The guys have been sweating over the stove, but now nobody is invited, I don’t see the point in that.

        I think it’s a pretty unusual statement in the piracy-debate, if that’s what it is. It’d be like a hotdogstand giving away free hotdogs, if enough people run away with the hotdogs (or whatever), what’d be a sensible statement would be to do like Radiohead did with “In Rainbows”, each pay what they feel what the album is worth, which turned out to be their most lucrative album release ever.

        I still think it’s arrogant of them, I’ve never owned a vinylplayer in my life, and I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong to disqualify from getting to listening to this new album in a legal way. But hey, Bent works in mysterious ways, and maybe there’s a purpose to all this and blahblah.

        GBD, I don’t spend as much time interpret the workings of the band commercially as I spend grumbling over why the hell I can’t get the album in a legal, high quality way, and you shouldn’t spend your time interpreting it either, unless you own a vinylplayer.

        And yes, I pray to God it will leak, don’t mind if it’s FLAC, because that’s the only way I can get to listening to it.

        It is fully possible to survive as a musician, don’t let the anti piracy agency tell you otherwise, it’s a matter of how you adapt to the new channels for music distribution, rather than just being such a friggin ludite as our long-haired snÃ¥sakaill and his friends is increasingly resembling.

        And Evol, yes, of course your’re right, I agree, Trust Us, and A&D is acceptable, but I have to disagree on LLM, it sounds like it was designed for headphones, which may be ironical when you think of it.


          It is fully possible to survive as a musician, don’t let the anti piracy agency tell you otherwise, it’s a matter of how you adapt to the new channels for music distribution, rather than just being such a friggin ludite as our long-haired snÃ¥sakaill and his friends is increasingly resembling.

          Why? This debate is on for a while now. Why does the artist have to adapt to anything? Why the fuck why? So it’s down to the consumer to dictate the form and distribution of art? What really annoys me is how some folks state this as a given. This sucks so unbelievably big time. As soon as the artist has to adapt to the consumer’s latest gadget, society is royally screwed. And we’re on the fast lane there, because so many folks are too dumb to think for an inch and aren’t even ashamed about it.

          In this special case it’s up to MP to release their stuff on vinyl or CD or one download song per month or not at all. And here people probably make too much of it anyway. I guess the band just wants to celebrate vinyl with this one special release.

          Geez I hate this self righteous consumers’ rights crap. [insert john cleese fistshaking]


          i’ll tell you why, and it’s simple really. If the artist wants to continue being an artist (e.g having money to spend on things like food and booze, he’s dependant on the art consumer to some extent, unless he wants to live of governmental grants, which again will have dramatic consequences on the amount of especially booze for the artist, and so he’ll have to adapt to, or at least to some extent adapt to how the consumer wants his work delivered.

          Simple as that.

          Now, If I listen closely, I can hear your head going through the roof, so I’ll throw in another argument as well: Fans who have been following Motorpsycho for years should be treated with as much respect that they’d shouldn’t be separated by the band – those who have, and those who haven’t got a LP-player. What are they? An Apartheid government or what?

          Now, self righteous consumer I may be, but I really fail to see the point in releasing this album on Vinyl, what good may possibly come of it? (Answer that by “Artist integrity”, and I will dump a fileserver on your head)

          Perhaps there are some self righteous artists, who will be chuckling around the table on the retirement home, telling tall tales about the time they screwed most of their fans into a life of just piracy, when all they wanted was to listen on their last recording by releasing it exclusively in a format no one could access?



            My band’s latest release was on a floppy disc, and that was just last year. Had that been Motorpsycho, I figure absolutely EVERYBODY would’ve been pissed off to some extent. :D

            I don’t necessarily agree with you everything you say, stalemate, but you’re making some good points – sometimes in a highly entertaining way, too. Kudos!


              Stalemate: Pardon my french, but that’s a load of crap. If you really want the album, then you’ll get it. You make it sound impossible to play/rip a vinyl record. But with some quick thinking, it’s quite simple. And don’t tell me that you don’t know anyone with a record player….

              And by the way…you mentioned head through roof. I bet that Bent and Snah are experiencing the same thing, while reading that their so called devoted fans don’t get what they are trying to do here. My guess is that they thought you’d understand, and stand behind it.

              Becides. Our MP are celebrated for taking THEIR way around the block 20 years now. It would almost be weird to have a streamlined aniversary, after all the wild and inventive stuff they’ve put out for us since the beginning.

              I think it’s cool. It just underlines what they’ve done and how they’ve done it these past 20 years. THEIR WAY!


              Hehe, you’re most pardoned, my good sir.

              I’ll get the album alright, that’s not my concern here, what I am concerned about is that I won’t get it on a cd, and that’s a shame, because I really don’t like stealing music, that is, keeping it without buying the cd.

              Now. I’m not going to enter an The Most Devoted fan pissing contest with you, and that’s not what this is about – But I’d very much like to ask you how you can interpret my posts as a encouragement towards piracy?



                Artists should not compromise their output for anything, including their fans. To compromise is to bend over (however slightly) to someone elses wish/demands, and that is the path to easy listening pop shit.

                I’m so incredibly grateful that Motorpsycho completely refuses to even glance in that direction, let alone thread the path of mediocrity and adapting to (more or less) popular demand.

                You gotta hang on to the trip you’re on!


                  Stalemate: Well i’ve never said that you encourage piracy. I wasn’t talking about you specificly. I just find it funny that so many object to this (imo) grand celebration of 20 years of making kickass music. That piracy note earlier was just a thought i had regarding the album title. You know….child of the future….and a vinyl.. Kind of ironic don’t you think? So i figured it had to have something to do with the “new age of piracy” and how spoiled we’ve become compared to the old days. When there was no options…By the way..i’m onboard on your thoughts about the quality…..I just didn’t understand the fuzz about “not getting your hands on the album just because it’s vinyl”…

                  So…pardon my french earlier. I didn’t mean no disrespect!


                  Of course we are all entitled to our own opinions in this matter, so let’s disagree to agree or whatever.

                  I’d say that everyone in here has contributed to the band both by appreciation of the music, and hangin’ on to the trip, even though it had its bumps and turns, and buying records, comming to concerts, buying stuff with logos and so forth, and this being the first real “exclusive” since Babyscooter, strikes me, for one as strange and annoying, my brother, who both owns a lp player (and a burglaralarm – that bastard) thinks that this is the greatest moment ever.

                  I to appreciate the total unwillingness to compromise, but isn’t this a bit (too) extreme?

                  Peace out!



                    @stalemate: I don’t know. Where should you draw the line if not at total unwillingness? You sculpture your art according to the beliefs and standards of other people, I don’t know. It’s a debate with no short, correct answer I guess. I see your points as well, however :)


                      It’s the magic of it! But ok. Let’s agree to disagree.

                      …and who knows…Perhaps they’re already planning to release it on cd in the future. You never know with these guys.. That’s what makes it such a rush :)


                      original post deleted after deciding to stick to posting mp concert reviews here


                      Krist Rampage

                        This is becoming a very interesting discussion. It kind of surprises me that there seem to be quite some peeps here who are upset, angry, disappointed and/or simply pissed. Is it that big of a deal? I am fortunate in this matter. I own a pretty decent record player and play and buy almost only vinyl and have done so for many years.

                        This feels to me like a little present for keeping on buying vinyl and loving it, even in times where most of the people said vinyl is dead. Well it isn’t. More and more people are buying vinyl, hence even the Media Markt (yeah i’m dutch) sells vinyl these days. So, on a personal level, this is just fine with me. They seem to make somethinh special out of it, considering the “spectacular artwork” and all.

                        I don’t know why MP put this one out only on vinyl, and i am not that good on speculating. My guess is that it has something to do with it being special, with special artwork, and Steve Albini recording. Albini records only analog, so it might has someting to do with that, true analog. I don’t know. Or they just don’t want people to listen in their car to the new record. I love the experience of putting a new vinyl record on my turntable, hedphones on, eyes closed and just sail on. If that is what MP intended with this one, than i am up for it.

                        (wow, this turned out as quite a long post, and i haven’t even made a real point here…)

                        @ stalemate: why not just buy the record, have a listening premiere with your brother (always good for family bonding), rip the record for yourself at your brothers house, and give the vinyl cover a nice place so you can look at it and wish you owned a turntable yourself?

                        oww, and then there is this phrase from the press release:

                        So if you are in the unlikely position of not owning a record player, this is the time to do something about it.

                        Sounds to me like they (MP, Stickman and/or Rune) thinks everybody should just go and get a record player,

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