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    Vegard B. Havdal

      Will play album of fans’ choice at Øya. :-) It’s in paper Adressa today, should show up online soon. http://www.oyafestivalen.no/pages/nor/546-motorpsycho_spiller_ditt_favorittalbum_paa_oeya


      Thanks, this sounds veeery promising:

      Deeeeemon Box – would close a gap ;-)


        So, it IS the album gig thingy. Cosy enough!

        TM is the longest and has the Wheel and GC, but it sure as hell would be fun to watch them play feedtime again


        -> You can already vote now by giving 3, 2 & 1 point :twisted:

        Google translator – English

        What is your favorite slice Motorpsycho? Do you have a clear and definite answer to this question, so you can be in determining the contents of the band’s only festival job in Norway this summer. The album that receives the most votes, will be played in its entirety in the Medieval Park in August. This is verdenseksklusivt, then it is the only concert of this type Motorpsycho will do.

        The fifth option, you can vote for the Motor Psycho himself selected. We expect both votes and festival visitors from many parts of the world.

        Go here and vote for your favorites

        Status published in http://www.oyafestivalen.no every Monday. Voting runs through Monday 8 March, so your voice must be registered most recently 23.59 that day.

        Over 20 years after its inception is Motorpsycho still the country’s most exciting and prolific rock band. Through a sea of albums and EPs, they have moved through hairy testosterone rock, psychpop, space prog, folk, experimental noise and lots more. Since Lobotomizer in 1991 and until this year’s Heavy Metal Fruit have shown that an unpredictable and uncompromising bands with a very loyal fan base. Many agree that it is on stage Motorpsycho really show their strengths and it is not rare tracks both are longer, more powerful and bigger than the songs in the recorded version. This is simply one of the major Norwegian rock phenomena in the past 20 years, and particularly gratifying is it to still be able to follow a band that is either idle or qualitatively in terms of release frequency. This year’s island-concert can be like a wet dream of Sounds Good for thousands of Psychonauts, which Motorpsycho enthusiasts like to call them.

        Would you rather see the debut Lobotomizer? Is it Blissard, Demon Box, or Timothy’s Monster that is closest to your heart? Do you dream of Black Hole / Blank Canvas in its entirety? Is it “Let Them Eat Cake that makes it to wedge in the rock your foot or is it the little gem Barracuda receiving nakkehÃ¥ra to rise? You will be in determining how the summer’s big Motorpsycho happening to sound. All will vote for their favorite three slices and a little over a month, the result is clear.

        Google translator – German

        Was ist Ihre Lieblings-Scheibe Motorpsycho? Haben Sie eine klare und eindeutige Antwort auf diese Frage, so dass Sie kann bei der Festlegung der Inhalte der einzige Festival der Band Arbeitsstelle in Norwegen in diesem Sommer. Das Album, das die meisten Stimmen erhält, wird in seiner Gesamtheit in die mittelalterliche Park im August gespielt werden. Dies ist verdenseksklusivt, dann ist es das einzige Konzert dieser Art Motorpsycho Willen zu tun.

        Die fünfte Option, können Sie Votum für den Motor Psycho selbst ausgewählt. Wir erwarten, dass Stimmen und Festival-Besucher aus vielen Teilen der Welt.

        Gehen Sie hier und stimmen Sie für Ihre Favoriten

        Status veröffentlicht in http://www.oyafestivalen.no jeden Montag. Voting läuft bis Montag 8 März, so dass Ihre Stimme muss die zuletzt an diesem Tag 23,59 registriert.

        Über 20 Jahre nach seiner Gründung ist das Land noch Motorpsycho aufregendsten und produktivsten Rockband. Durch ein Meer von Alben und EPs haben, sie durch behaarte Testosteron rock, psychpop, Raum prog, folk, experimental Lärm und vieles mehr bewegt. Seit Lobotomizer im Jahr 1991 und bis Heavy Metal in diesem Jahr Früchte haben gezeigt, dass eine unvorhersehbare und kompromisslose Bands mit einem sehr treue Fangemeinde. Viele stimmen zu, dass es auf der Bühne Motorpsycho wirklich zeigen ihre Stärken und es ist nicht selten beide Titel sind länger, stärker und größer als die Songs in der Aufzeichnung ist. Das ist einfach einer der großen norwegischen Felsenphänomene in den vergangenen 20 Jahren, und besonders erfreulich ist es weiterhin möglich sein, eine Band, die entweder inaktiv ist oder qualitativ in Bezug auf die Release-Frequenz zu folgen. Das diesjährige Konzert-Insel kann wie ein feuchter Traum von Sounds Good werden für Tausende von Psychonauts, die Motorpsycho Enthusiasten sie gern bezeichne.

        Würden Sie lieber das Debüt Lobotomizer? Ist es Blissard, Demon Box, oder Timothy’s Monster, die am nächsten an deinem Herzen? Träumen Sie von Black Hole / Blank Canvas in seiner Gesamtheit? Ist es “Let Them Eat Cake, dass es in den Felsen Fuß oder ist es das kleine Juwel Barracuda nakkehÃ¥ra erhalten steigen Keil macht? Sie werden entscheiden, wie die Sommer große Motorpsycho zu klingen passiert. Alles wird für ihren Favoriten stimmen drei Scheiben und etwas mehr als einem Monat, ist das Ergebnis klar.


          Another interesting note: On the website it says that they’ll follow the vinyl tracklists. So if Demon Box is chosen, that means Mountain, Gutwrench and Mr.Who.

          Or if AADAP = Have Spacesuit Will Travel, Back to Source and Ohm’s Concerto :lol:

          I voted for TM, HMF and TU. No DB because I don’t think Bent has a chance in hell to do the screams in Feedtime, Sheer Profoundity or Gutwrench.

          And oh yeah, I bought my Øya-ticket long ago :mrgreen:


          My choice:




          Didn’t vote for HMF since it will be onstage often enough in May already ;-)

            My choice:





            Blissard is probalby my favorite album, but ending the gig with an acostic ballade and a drone piece by Deathprod probalby won´t work that well as it does on the record


              tho’ I won’t be there, I had to had my say. :lol:

              it’s 3,2, 1 for DB, TM and TU

              Timmy is my fave album but I’d really would like to see them doing Demon Box, because I only ever heard Nothing To Say and Plan#1 live. It would be a massive ride.



                there is a 96 or 97 gig on the net, which they end with Fool’sGold and Nathan’s Tune and it’s brilliant. After a quite loud and energetic gig it becomes totally hypnotic and grand. Sounds not so spectacular on paper but oh it was.


                @otherdeom: The idea to play the vinyl is great indeed! DB would be a dream come true, I guess if Bent would not consider singing it, they would not offer it – and it never made more sense than now with Kenneth and the hevay-edge… maybe he’s thinking of guest singers joining: Is Henry Rollins on the bill? :wink:


                  VOTE FOR AADAP!

                  so they’ll play “have spacesuite will travel”!


                    I’ll vote Demon Box for Mountain alone. Holy shit that would be epic!



                      there is a 96 or 97 gig on the net, which they end with Fool’sGold and Nathan’s Tune and it’s brilliant. After a quite loud and energetic gig it becomes totally hypnotic and grand. Sounds not so spectacular on paper but oh it was.

                      How did they play Nathan’s? On record it’s just Deathprod and his layers of guitars looped.

                      Please share the recording if you have it (at least that tune).


                        Woww this is great..

                        It have tooo be Demon box folks…

                        And it have to be Grutle From Enslaved on vocal on the harder songs..hehe..bring the demons back to Motorpsycho. And the Great “DAs HAte BAss”” please play the Ibanez..Hehe

                        And they have too record it…And release it on a great vinyl boxxx…

                        and then the “waR” with Woices of wonder will end at last..

                        And if the winner is Demon Box…Deathprod have to be on stage..

                        2010. have to be a great Motorpsycho year..

                        Greetings from Jacob..


                          To me the answer is simple; TIMOTHY’S MONSTER!!!

                          Tkink about it…if this album wins, we’ll get hits like Now it’s time to skate, Watersound, Feel, Kill Some Day and Wearing yr smell, aswell as monsters like The Weel, The Golden Core and not to mention Giftland and grindstone! That would be fab!!

                          If not, then Trust us would be a blast too!

                          I voted TM, TU and AADAP

                          Ps; VG caught this piece of news too ->


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