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      @supernaut: The Kanon gig was on Dime I think.

      Yep, that’s where I got it from, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore… Very good sound as well. Could run you a copy, drop me a line s_edelman at hotmail


      Andreas the Totenoid: Yes! You usually work before or after the festival, not both. Then you can watch all the bands you would like to see, and take some beers too :wink: I have a friend who has done this on Øya for some years, and I did the same on the Pstereo festival in Trondheim. It’s a really great deal, from my point of view.



      Hvor mye jobber jeg?

      Det varierer hvor mye man jobber i forhold til de forskjellige jobbene. Som hovedregel kan man si at man jobber en dag mot en dag fri adgang til festivalen, men man må jobbe seg opp til et fullt festivalpass. Det betyr at hvis du jobber før festivalen, må du jobbe fire dager for å opparbeide deg et fullt festivalpass. Hvis du jobber under festivalen, må du jobbe to av dagene for å få fri de to andre. Man jobber altså ca. halve festivalen, mens man kan ta seg helt fri til å nyte musikken og konsertene resten av tiden. Vi er selvsagt takknemlige til dem som ønsker å bidra mer enn dette.

      So this does not apply to rigging? Do you apply for only one of them, before or after? Sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?


      Hm, I’m quite sure that it is possible to get a free pass just for the rigging. But it might be that my friend worked a couple of days before the festival. He got the free pass anyway. For me it doesn’t matter if I have to work a couple of days before the festival, as long as I get to see the Motorpsycho gig. I will be able to see many of the other concerts at the Roskilde festival. At the Pstereo Festival (2 days) in Trondheim, I just worked for one day and got the whole festival for free. I did the down rig after the festival, but it seems fair that you have to work a little more at the Øya festival, since this festival is bigger then Pstereo. I can try to check this out in the weekend, when I will meet him.


        3. Timothy’s

        2. Trust Us

        1. Blissard or Demon Box. Can’t remember which one I voted for



        I wonder if they’ll invite Gebhardt on stage to sing if they, against the odds, play Let Them Eat Cake, Phanerothyme or It’s a Love Cult. Just a thought I’ve been playing around with. :)


        robotlove: To get a free Øya festival pass, you must work three days. I guess it’s like you wrote, that you get one free day for each day you work. This will be great! :D


        The first status update on the album voting is published. After one week, the top 5 look like this (alphabetical order):

        Angels and Daemons at Play (1997)

        Blissard (1996)

        Demon Box (1993)

        Timothy’s Monster (1994)

        Trust Us (1998)

        Looks like the 90’s recordings is the most popular, as expected. Each one of these albums performed live would be super epic! Can’t wait for this gig!


          does anyone know what day they´re playing?


          I don´t think they announce it untill they start selling day passes….


              Nice. And I thought DB would be without competition :-)


                This is one hell of a choice to make, but i landed on TM on first and Demon Box second.. As much as I’d love to hear DB live, I think TM would work best as a setlist.. think about that beginning with feel.. now its time.. giftland.. Watersound.. The Wheel.. And that ending with Anneli Drecker on guest vocals. I had to go for TM, though I feel I have kinda betrayed my beloved DM.


                  Fuck yeah! If there is any justice at all in this fucked up world, then

                  Timmy will win by a landslide.

                  DB is actually the only album on that list that would disappoint me if it wins.

                  I’ve heard the best songs on it so often live (except Mountain) that I’d take any

                  of the other 90’s classics over it.

                  So please people, vote Timothy’s Monster!


                    Aha! So you’ve actually heard Nothing To Say, Feedtime, Sunchild, Tuesday Morning, Come On In, Step Inside Again, Demon Box, Babylon, Junior and Sheer Profoundity so often live? Either you have an extraordinary memory, or you’re living in the past ;-)

                    Hehe, no seriously, everyone should just make their own choice. We don’t need any propaganda here, do we? :wink:

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