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      I was serious earlier Mark. This stuff you’re writing here, although strange and hard to get a grasp on, is well written. I just don’t think it’s suitable for a OT thread meant to be an outlet for all members. No one seems to use it since you’re filling it up with your personal ups and downs. I mean…..how should one respond to all this?

      That being said; I think you should consider writing something. You’re obviously full of thoughts concerning this and that. And you write well. But again; Consider making a blog or something. Cus i’ve got a feeling that your words go unread due to the sheer quantity you put on here.


      You don’t get it do you? The stuff i write here is not ment for you to read, you think i write this down for you? You think i care for 1 minute about your thoughts? I am from rotterdam south man, we don’t care for you!!!!!!! Your advice or commands would have give you a one way ticket to the nearest hospital, the things you say simply don’t impress me, in fact the things you say to me normally would not be you healthy for you beacuase fir the last time…..i am not a person to be educated by smartasses like you.Don’t come close to me and sure don’t tell me in this topic what to say or what to do!!!! I don’t care for you!!!

      You should thank me for this awnser!!!!!


      and don’t speak of behalf of other unless you are lijke me part of a click ,a crew!!!!!


        Let’s see if that ignore button works…


        Yeah sure…see i would consider taking your advices for a sec but see me as i am please….not the nice guy i was years ago when i went to MP concerts.But when do you guys come to your senses and back off.I take risks everyday putting my opinions online, it’s becuase i’ve met these guys years ago at a unofficial gig.I feel unfinished buisness here, that’s why i am here.I not here for the fans, i don’t give 2 shits for it.I’d be fine with my crew, doing my thing for the rest of my life.See, you don’t know me. if you guys did knew me, you wouldn’t say such things, i don’t want to impress you guys, i just tell thing like it is.Normally i would not pay attention to MP, just listen Mobb deep all day, peeps like you guys would not even come close to me in real life because i have a big crew behind me, believe me, who think just like me.Peeps who don’t care for other people, especially when they are from from out of town.I just listen Mobb deep cause it’s a similar thing down here.It is only patience i hold now to see where this goes, if it brings out a situation in where i have no more reasons to hang around here, i’d be gone so you guys can have your MP back and i’ll be off doing my things again, i don’t care.You can tell me this and that here in this OT, i find the peeps here on this forum very different then me, you are right maybe, i should just leave you guys alone because i’m to major for you.When you would have said such things to me face to face i still hurt you, i’m just like that, i don’t say this to impress others, i don’t need you to admire me, i got my friends here, hundreds of them who think just the same.So, to be honest, just chill out till the time is right and you can have the stupid forum back.I have seen many people on this forum who have poor education, poor minds and often don’t see what the results are of their behaviour.I agree, i am a different person with a different view of life but nobody would say such things to me in rotterdam because they know me and how i react.My (our) mentality is obviously different.If you would have lived in holland you guys would have got into troubles, see what i mean?, but everyday i take this risk of pissing of the bandmembers of Motorpsycho while i diss their fans ( i feel sorry for snah and bent and geb) just because i don’t take this shit from anyone, this mentality i dangerous, i know, that’s why we don’t act like fools.

        So again, i say, to defend myself from stupidness and untill i am officially removed from this forum for telling things like it is, i am here, just deal with it.


          Ok man! You do your thing. I won’t bother you anymore. But freakin’ write something. It’s a shame seeing your talent going into dissing MP, instead of reaching a higher goal.


          you’d do best like that, nothing personally dude, i treat ‘m all like that.Other thing is i can see, like i said, you operate on a other level, you claim me for being low life writing stuff but you don’t even paticipate in song discussions, regular talk etc.., only thing i see here is a geek-party ruining other peeps opinions while they pull psychonaut stardom to nerdism levels i’d never seen before.Finallly you claim a shame for seeing me in action here on the forum, and talking ’bout higher goals i’d left wasted……dude….please…..

          get a blog!!!!


            End of discussion. We’ll never see eye to eye anyway.


            Rotterdam? I live there too, man!




            That’s my defintition of a smartass, some yerk showing you the best ways to waste your time.’Bout the whole psychobabble realm, i thought it over a few times before i decided to do same if i would be confronted with similar future situations, the obscure confessions , if i could choose to share a secret or ignore to deal with it the easy way out would be ignoring this whole case but when i decided to share i also noticed the danger of being seen as a easy target for peeps with ridiculous uneducated iq ,regular smartass talks etc…as most of highly developed psychonauts confront (there has to be a diference,right?)

            thas why i gave obscure confessions, to protect myself from hurting another.


            Now , what’s the case here with those numerous amounts of poor quality mobile live recordings on YT? To me it’s another slap in the bands face who tried to release proper and qualified live recordings of their own as seen on the roadwork cd’s.To see fans walk away with those poor recordings and putting them in obscure and sealed domains where only registrated peeps can see them is a shame to me.Pure piracy and theft, nothing more.Don’t go telling me to listen to their cd’s if i want to listen to MP cáuse that’s just another case of nerdism.No man, to see the way those peeps behave at te gigs and stealing their music and releasing it without the bands permission on the net is a sad thing.Always asking for the same songs to play at the gigs, obstructing the bands freedom of creativity, and now in the role of thiefs.Aldo i’ve not been to MP gigs for ages (last one was the LLM gig in Rotterdam,do) i’ve never had the sensation to steal their music and releasing it without the band permission, instead i’d tried to seek the bands interests of new music and comming up with original gifts like triana and stuff, music never seen before, and enjoying it to give something of what i think was a cool present.But i guess it’s not so original anymore since it has been done already, right?

            Personally and to me the whole illegal YT release stuff makes no sense and due to the poor quality of the recordings it also marks a bad band-impression which to me is pretty unfair to the band who has been trying to make proper live releases.

            The first time i heard Roadwork vol 1 was like being at the gig once more, a sensation, and do i don’t own that anymore (i don’t own any mp records anymore) it still stands out as the best live sensation but fans like this just make it pure piracy and theft to dump their recordings on sealed domains where only registrated peeps can watch it.You can say what you want but it does not make it for one minute acceptable for me to see peeps act like that.Again and maybe another reason for those peeps to dump their silly comments bout it.I wish i could just shut my mouth and forget about the whole thing but maybe it’s the nerve tattoo in me that keeps itching and makes me speak out over and over again.Or maybe it’s because i don’t feel impressed or threatenend by anyone anymore.I don’t know, but i guess you guys should rethink bout what’s going on inside your burned out little heads and what kind of consequences this kind of behaviour has, if it is not to much to ask.

            Now, same for the new lp release and the brawl about it.


            What a relief!!!, now that i brought all this shit to the table and said what i needed to say.About motorpsycho i just think they should leave me and the whole me subject alone and stop singing about me and stop making music about me.I don’t appreciate that, in fact it just annoying to me, and the reacions of peeps.I don’t care for this peeps, i don’t care for mp records or music, it’s just a friend who alarmed me and warned me about the whole situation and i feel responsible to act and stop the subject.And to some of the peeps in here, you know who you are, don’t come close to me!!!!! and don’t let me see you cause ya’ll just a bunch of pussys with pussy opinions and showed me many times that the only real man, the only real one in here is me.So as for MP, do me a fav. and please stop making music/art etc about me…..i don’t appreciate it!!!!

            as for rob…you pussy fag…i know you…you are the real loser!!!!

            Krist Rampage

              Mark, please just go away. Start a blog or something, but really, just go. Thanks.


              Sooo, it is quiet here. Where’s Mark? I miss him.

              In his absence, I will try to fill his shoes humourously but respectfully.


              1) Read only books on music and artists, that you know Motorpsycho will like. So go order that “The Ultimate Grateful Dead Session Searcher volume 34a: may 14 to may 28 1968” today! Forget about those books on Bon Jovi and André Hazes, they will only make Motorpsycho sad and you a sad person.

              2) Go work in a bookshop. Once there, let your hair grow until it reaches your (true) middle, then slowly switch to wearing MP-shirts exclusively. Lastly, answer every customer question of “Sir, do you know if you have this book?” with “No, but I DO know what the best band in the world is!” Don’t wait for their reaction, just launch into your sermon.

              3) Whilst reading a book, circle all the letters that also appear in a lyric by Motorpsycho. For extra points, circle the words.

              Damn, this talking shite over the internet-business is more difficult than I thought!




              well…speaking about books, Bukowski and Fante. both are MP boys faves, and my long years favorites, too. talked about them a bit before.

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