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    Self ingdulgent mono minds

    At all times my thoughts about MP the music and their fans where not that negative due to the hippy long hair flowerish lifestyle and image as well as their tail of flowerpower kids who always stood out to any other kind of people proud to be part of the ride on this new wave of energy and love that would expand in europe as a new and independent movement setting trend for others to follow up with similar point of view that would carry us all to a new level of muscial enlightment after the dark and depressed ages of grunge and commercial management, drugs abuse and loneliness.

    Now, the case as we see here on the internet shows us a very different profile of motorpsycho fans who not at all fit the shoe of earlier called freedom people (hippies), in fact most profiles we seen so far on this digital machine cube are more likely turned out to be the profiles of right-wing extremists who not at all care for one sec about anyone or anything different to them.The comments i’ve read so far are so phatetic and dumb it clearly proves that these minds have nothing at all inside but poisend influences of nothingness.The ones that claimed to be openminded are the ones that fire judgement beforehand, especially without sufficient evidence and show us to be nothing more then mono-minded people who will never have that desired democracy of thinking.The behaviour of the audience, the piracy of theft, the racism and inherent superiority of a particular race are all examples of a pack that denies rights or benefits of any reverse kind of membership.That is the real case here.This is the way these monominds seem to operate, disgusting, and it is this mono mind feel that makes me speak my mind and makes me feel brave and gives me something to fight for.These mono minds wouldn’t and couldn’t get the message even when motorpsycho said it to their face.The whole subject seems to be lost underneath the loads of critisism and no one seems to understand the situation here as motorpsycho has painted.Look at the song reports, most peeps don’t even seem to have any type of real interpretation making ideas more understandable in fact the only translation they come up with is a silly kind of comparence with sonic youth and all that which again shows us the lack of independent thinking and that is a shame for one who calls himself openminded.Now as for the ignore-button situation, that is another example of behaviour of these mono minds, anything that does not fit the pose will be ignored, right?, leaving a road to nowhere open for dozens other mono minded people to follow.This is how the big brawl started cause i ain’t the one who follows in ignorance.I am the one who stands up to this kind of b..ll shit and is not affraid to take action nore to say things as i sees it.I feel brave standing here alone, looking down at those false posers who in the end surely bite the dust, i am in my role here and i feel safe.I am not affraid when i get removed for my opinions because i got something to fight for while others have nothing to defend themselfs with.You are all ghosts in my opinion and in real life outside this digital cube they couldn’t stand up to me due to the fake imitations, in real life the truth will set me free and the lies will get to them, that is how i sees it and this will never change.You could say what you want or tell me this or that but it is all inside the cube, like i said before, if you got problems with me then deal with me and don’t be the coward that ignores me!!!!!


    Well, in reaction to the book part of this OT I’d like to add some spoken word samples:

    Charles Bukowski:


    Dante (Music Radio Theater version of Dante’s Inferno, parts in Italian, German & English):



    @supernaut: you’re full of shit man!!! Like most peeps in here.


    then he’d better find a toilet and do something about it.


      Oh my god…


      It sounds nice and ill all that shit thats been going on ’bout MP late release (cotf) but everything has been done before so nothing new too discover here especially after i read some commets about mp not bending over for their fans and bout how the band has not ever been influenced by any other and how they claim they would not ever be influenced by their fans demands….i say thas a lot of bullsh.t…again,

      like always.. mp is nothing new, not now, not in the future and some peeps have to be carefull what they say about mp they still kids man…ignorant and dumb to believe everything they hear and see….mp is going berzerk thas what i think..i think they lost it..completely…


      I think you lost it.. completely.

      ah the humour again! :D


        So I was listening to Mountain last night, and it occured to me how the song is about the time Bent was dating a huge hambeast of a woman, and his fear of getting stuck underneath her flabby, fleshy exterior in the dark night, unable to breathe. Yeah..


        @ Crackpot Idea: It was actually John Fante, not Dante, to whom Akane (madsunship) was referring. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Fante

        @ Mark: If you crave total originality, do not waste your time, it does not exist. Motorpsycho is a child of the past, but is lloking at the future. What they do with their influences, is create something that has not been heard done like that before. That is not total originality, I know, but it’s the next best thing. I don’t know to what extent they listen to their fans. I do know that they have always said that if you meet them on the street, you do not have to be afraid to walk up to them and talk to them. As a friend of mine always says: “They stink on the toilet too.” About them writing songs about fans or specifically with one fan in mind: I do not think they ever do that. If they started doing that, where’s the end? Everybody will ask for a song written for them. Check out the documentary about the making of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon (I think it was called ‘Gimme some truth’) and check out the segment in which Lennon talks to a flipped fan.




        Mmmmh…. no, I never heard of Fante’s Inferno.






        I’m not dissing you in any way at all. Really, I do not intend to treat you with anything but respect.

        I’m just speaking my mind.



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