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      I think archive.org would be a great idea. Just today my server at home crashed and I've lost all my recordings :-( I hope I can recover some of it.


      I just checked. I have tagged just under 6400 MP songs to this point. All of those tagged files are live shows. The job is not impossible w a good tool and a good workflow.

      If the community decided to do this, then it would be a good practice to define a 'schema', which just means all files get tagged according to the same protocol (which info in which field). A good tagging software provides tools for batch processes including operations like transfer, append, etc. to make the project less oppressive.


        sooo.. are we doing this or what? how can i help. my time is somewhat limited lately since i am in the middl of my tesis but if i can help, just tell me

        The Other Anders

          Back in the day the band allowed me/us to tape under the provision that we share the recordings in the family only.

          20 years ago the band didn't want the live recordings spread publicly on the internet. This was also, if I remeber it correctly, one of the motivations behind Motortrades, an invitation only platform. Admittedly it does not work as intended, as we have not been able to add new members for quite some years, plus maybe torrents have lost popularity to newer, simpler ways of sharing music.

          I don't know how public DIME is considered, but I felt the promise to the band was broken already back when the recordings were shared there. Mind you, I don't mind my recordings shared. I think the more people to get to hear the band the better. But this is not about my conviction, it's about respecting the wish of the band.

          So I think we should ask them if they would mind us going ahead with the archives.org solution.

          As the last tour showed, they do not have the same draw as before, a trend that started some time ago. They need to rethink their approach.

          Engaging the core fan base and facilitating viral interaction are clearly the best tools in the tool box 20 years on.


            Exactly. Is there somebody with connections to or known by Motorpsycho management who could put forth the proposition? (petition the lords with prayer? – not quite ;-) )


              +1 for archive.org

              My Dime account just vanished and now my ratio is gone, too.

              Due to a somewhat difficult wifi with different repeater setup at home and I can not upload properly on dime and so on.

              Would be willing to help with tagging e.g.


              Thank you for the history. I think honoring the intention of the original commitment is important, and it sounds like it is time to get input from the band.

              Some thoughts…

              I wonder if Motortrades can be enlivened with some additional community engagement.

              I wonder if the band has an interest in exploring paid downloads like some other bands have done. Gov't Mule, for example. Maybe they have already worked out that the economics will not work. Maybe they do not want to go down that road for other reasons. Also, I have no idea what they have in their archive. I assume they have some number of shows they recorded that could be released as downloads.

              In any case, it seems unwise to move forward on any project without a blessing from the band.


                sure, i totally agree. i thougt it was said already that we ask for permission from the band. Wouldn't do it without it.

                If there is nobody with a direct land line to the bands badrooms i would write to the management. if you want, i will post my email before sending for further suggestions.

                The Other Anders

                  I have no direct line, I just say hi on the road. I imagine there must be someone here closer to the band than I am.


                    Wonder what Bent will say about Archive.org when he discover that their studio albums are available for free download there. I suppose that is in breach of all copyright laws, and I can't imagine that will count as a plus.


                      who is talkin bout studio albums. we are talking live tapes


                          Looks like the albums are available with 30 second samples only, which 1) might be legal, and 2) is utterly pointless.

                          Punj Lizard

                            Personally I'd be more than happy to pay for official bootlegs (so to speak), if the band decided to start releasing them, either via a monthly subscription or on a recording-by-recording basis. But some kind of easily accessible database/archive of live recordings would be brilliant.

                            [POST EDITED as my first comment was already proven incorrect.]


                              @TAF This seems to be true for most of them, but for KoO and TAIO full MP3 versions are indeed downloadable.

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