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      @mark: I get your point, sure.

      And no, I don’t think we will live in harmony with each other any time soon. On the other hand, I don’t think any of the religions will help with this either, unfortunately. Because they all speak of peace, respect and tolerance, but too few of them practice this.

      I don’t know what we need to do to get it right, either :(

      I do have faith in humanity, but not in society. Society is on the road to nowhere.

      “We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine. And the machine is bleeding to death.”


        As I asked, who’s “we”?

        The urge for harmony and getting back with nature is a nice thing to point out, but outside of our cushioned european welfare states with 24h medical care and teenage angst and job angst and disillusions and burnouts and the fear of not-being-hugged-every-other-hour, the world has more urgent problems.


          ‘We’ = humanity.

          Sorry, I may have made myself poorly understood. I’m not talking about developed countries. The rest of the world is suffering because of our wealth and abundance of resources. Why is the world in such a sad state? Because of rampant materialist culture, commercialism, the exploitation of third world countries, lack of respect and care for other people and nations.

          We need a swift kick in the ass.

          And whether that’s possible or not, realistically, is not what the song is about though, is it? Just my two cents :)


          @TB,you could easily have multiples interpretations about the song as we have seen here in this topic by various people wich to me is all good do one may have other thoughts about the song to many others.If you look at this song in the line of their early records one may come to the conclusion MP has done the job with more intentions then comming up with “regular world solucions thoughts” as we have discussed here.I still remember their (surprisingly) change of course right after AADAP wich as i can recall didn’t have that much positive influence on their oldschool DB,TM kind of fans.In fact, most people didn’t understood MP much after that, i’ve heard loads of people complaining ’bout the disaperance of their “psychedlic rock sound” as MP went mainstream? to others.

          About LLM, you can say that after their thirth release in this change of course MP went fowards to their formiliar kind of sound again like BH/BC wich was presented as their best release ever.Lyrically, i don’t see that much change in their releases since TM but LLM comes out more defined about how the autor thinks eversince.Musically LLM is written under a other formula then for example other rock bands like ACDC use, i read somewhere bent said MP never works with a ACDC kind of formula while writing songs, i wonder if he could do, but the meaning of the lyrics as the autor have writen down, few of us really know, logically, but it’s always good to hear other views of peeps so the song interpretations spread out trough our spacy little minds.


          add, the change of course i ment was right after Trust us.


            Yeah, that’s why I started the song of the month threads; to get people discussing the lyrics. I’m interested in hearing what other people get out of the songs! I love it :)

            I’ll keep the threads coming, and hopefully we can have more discussion :)


            Never had such experience, peeps that discussed my lyrics, but had some wicked nights playing in this band ages ago, i remember a jam i did with my band (wich i had to broke up with around the same time), i just walked in, plugged in and started a jam while the others followed and later on this guy came up to me completly nuts about the jam going…”ohhh man..ahhh that jam was so cool” and all that.Those are cool moments too.Still have a copy of my demo (1999) of that band called “psuedo hallucinogenic” or something like that.Conatins 6 songs.

            I understand what you are saying but in this case MP did far better then i did at that time, no joke.

            Well, about LLM i think it’s all said and done for me.The song is great, haven’t heard the original version, seen it live and a couple of times on YT.Don’t forget i have been out of this thing for about 7 or 8 years in wich i did loads of other things but it feels good to be back here with MP, still love their music but had some struggles with myself from wich i tried to warn others.Seen their other releases since L.T.E.C lately and was surprised to see the bands point of view.The art/lay out of BHBC is super and LLM to me is a logical follow-up after LLM.Great job done.


            @TB Add: The song obviously is more then a comprehensive guide to global warming, political corruption, materialisticism, commercialism, exploitation of third world countries, etc, and the steps we must take to combat it.Beside all this the song describes a person who is markedly more concerned with spiritual, intellectual or cultural values rather than material things such as money and possessions.While MP even gives a description of this person as a first hour fan they obviously don’t know him/her that much enough as a friend.The band hopes that someone takes it on showing us again the profile of this person seems to be left unknown.The intention behind the song must be something like a call to everyone who feels responsible but also an open invitation for a particular person as seen in the lay-out of BH/BC.


            I wonder who this person is.Anyone feels responsible to speak up?


              I’m not sure what you’re getting at, sorry :)


                I love this thread! (which I randomly found) Why did it stop?

                Krist Rampage


                Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)
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