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    Are there psychonauts from the forum goint to Hamar? Cannot wait for news on the Set, at least Rockefeller will be a very potential source – be quick then please ;-)


      Yes, I’ll probably go see them in Hamar. Already got my OSLO, Rockefellertickets. happy days :D


        i wonder if the booking’s over…. will this be the whole tour? quite short…


        Hat jemand einen Tipp, wo man in Bielefeld günstig zum Forum (HBF) gelegen übernachten kann? Dasa einzige Hostel scheint mir weit weg, und Hotels sind recht teuer :-/


          rund 5 gehminuten vom forum entfernt.

          nette leute die es betreiben,

          zumeist ausgebucht, aber vielleicht haste ja glück.

          22€ die übernachtung, ich glaube sogar incl. frühstück.


          Klingt super, vielen Dank – leider nehmen die innerhalb der Woche keine Buchungen für eine Nacht (nur Mo-Fr) :-(


          Have fun everyone going to Hamar and/or embarking on the tour!

          Tomorrow never knows…




            What would be the only hostel, the one that is quite far away?


            As far as I found out it’s the “JBB Jugendgästehaus” = ca. 70€ DBL/ 110€ 4 ppl, incl. BF! Google says 2.2 km / 30 minutes by foot (seemed longer on the map)


              Sounds okay. But it’s a Jugendherberge, that means you gotta buy a membership too. Is it the one we stayed at back in 2002? Because that one was very nice :-)


              cannot tell ’cause I didn’t stay there but got back home (?) somehow that night ;-)

                How about a pre-gig beer for those of us going to Rockefeller the 14th?

                I’m down for a pre-gig beer or 4! Møllers usually is the place to do so (close to Rockefeller, cheap beer and a heavy jukebox). Feel free to join.


                Hej! What about a pre-gig smoke. That sounds much more convincing to me. I`m travelling alone from Sweden and it would be nice to meet some people before the concert. Well, I am slowly getting excited. See you tomorrow.

                PS: Thanks to the Big Tattoed Rasta at Hovikodden 2008! You made mý day!



                I sell 1 ticket to the show at Rockefeller.

                I sell it for the price I bought it for.

                Mail me at



                  Hamar setlist anyone? :-)

                Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 198 total)
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