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    Although Gebhard left… the new sounds more like the “good old times”

    Dudes, why not to play at this location:

    Benefiz Concert for the T-Stube in Rendsburg that was burned down by neo-nazis.

    Just keep that in mind – for your next trip ?




    I am new in here. Listening to Little Lucid Moments is … simply fantastic. To me it seems MP just made one of the best rock albums ever; it’s not even music, in an odd way, more like an art work of so many layers and dimensions, fantastically aggressive and lyric at the same time, suprasensitive/-expressive, so incredibly and admirably contretemps. And such joy as is expressed. It’s their, in my opinion, best album so far.

    Anyway, as I live in Copenhagen I just wonders whether anyone knows if Motorpsycho will be playing any concerts in Denmark in the coming? Anyone? Next year? I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has this kind of MP/Denmark-related info shared.

    Thanks. I am sure Motorpsycho would make a hell’of’a’show at Loppen in Christiania/Copenhagen. All the best,



      No Danish dates have been confirmed yet for this autumn. They have visited Copenhagen both in 2006 (The Rock) and 2008 (Vega) though. So that’s the best possibility, I guess.


        The tour closing night is planned for Copenhagen, supposedly at Loppen, sometime in the middle of November (16.11./17.11.?). Still TBC though.


        Reminder for you locals: UKA (student festival in Trondheim) is between 01.10 and 25.10, program not yet released.


          I will be in Hamburg (maybe Bielefeld)!


          Thanks otherdemon and fillmore.

          I agree that The Rock and Vegas are fine places for Motorpsycho, but so is Loppen! It would be fantastic. I am planning on goin’ MP in Malmö though, end of October. But sure as hell I attend here in Copenhagen, too, were they to come here. And to be frank, if there is anything that the Danish rock scence needs it is a band like Motorpsycho. Much to learn from Motorpsycho, how to rock simple and true. To easy one discerns Aqua and other poppy things in Danish rock (even though there are some interesting sub-bands).

          All the best,



          So, will they ever, ever, ever play somewhere in France (and for the record, have they)? I’ve seen some of their records on display in Paris, must be some fans lurking around here and there, at least enough to fill a small sized cozy parisian rock venue.. well well, still waiting..

          Krist Rampage

              Kenneth is playing with the GÃ¥te reunion in Trondheim at October 24th. So let’s hope for a ton of shows here before they go to Europe :D A spectacular week-long stand at Blæst would be good :MPD:

              I find it strange if they close the tour in Copenhagen and not Trondheim…

              Krist Rampage

                i’d say, close the tour in Groningen, but thats just my own egoism i guess.


                Hi, another new torrent from Dimeadozen :

                Trondheim, Avh-Senteret Tv (02.01.1992)

                + Stjoerdal, Trudvang (28.02.1992 – Soundborn)

                + Trondheim, Bromstad Gas Station Tv (01.05.1992).

                Total time 46:26.



                This is the autumn tour 2009 thread. Perhaps move the various torrent alerts to a diff. thread?


                  that 11.10. swiss show is at the salzhaus in Winterthur, not in Zurich. it´s a mere 30 odd kilometers away.


                    14.10. rockefeller, oslo

                    16.10. stavanger, folken

                    17.10. bergen, verftet

                    31.10. debaser, malmø

                    01.11. berlin – lido

                    03.11. hamburg – uebel & gefaehrlich

                    04.11. bielefeld – forum

                    05.11. haarlem -het patronaat

                    06.11. köln – gebäude 9

                    07.11. brussels – botanique

                    09.10. fribourg – frison ??? ( more likely they will play at this day here )

                    10.11. winterthur – salzhaus

                    11.11. bologna – estragon

                    12.11. milano – trezzo sull’adda, live club

                    13.11. treviso – roncade, new age club

                    15.11. deventer – Burgerweeshuis

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