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    gotta get me one of those tickets to oslo 14.10. There is several of us here going, what about teaming up, have no one to go with?

    Hope they sell some rad t-shirts and other stuff.

    …have money, will travel



      I demand that they play the Golden Core for the 20th anniversary tour! You better rehearse it boys! :D


      Completely agreed, Be!

      Got my tickets for Haarlem and Deventer, yay!




        I wouldn’t put my money on it though. While the moniker “20th anniversary tour” certainly suggests a kind of Motorpsycho revue that draws from material fom their entire carreer it would be something very un-motorpsychodelic to do.



        any news on Copenhagen? And if you got…where do you get those news…? :)




          Got the info from the promoter of the show. However, booking MP in CPH is not easy. Got no newer news on this.


            CPH @ Loppen 16.11. confirmed!


            14.10. rockefeller, oslo

            16.10. stavanger, folken

            17.10. bergen, verftet

            31.10. debaser, malmø

            01.11. berlin – lido

            03.11. hamburg – uebel & gefaehrlich

            04.11. bielefeld – forum

            05.11. haarlem -het patronaat

            06.11. köln – gebäude 9

            07.11. brussels – botanique

            09.10. fribourg – frison ??? ( more likely they will play at this day here )

            10.11. winterthur – salzhaus

            11.11. bologna – estragon

            12.11. milano – trezzo sull’adda, live club

            13.11. treviso – roncade, new age club

            15.11. deventer – Burgerweeshuis

            16.11. copenhagen – loppen


            @ fillmore: I know. They will not do a greatest hits-tour just because of the anniversary, if at all. It would just be great to hear that song live (again) though, that’s all I meant. I dreamt that the rumour about another new album due out in October was true and that they would be playing only new material during this tour! That’s the great thing: you never know what those guys are going to do until they do it.




              Halloween in Malmö!!!


              Hi everybody! Well I wonder if there will be any dates between the 17th and 31st of october. I am still hoping for a Stockholm date. Well we`ll see maybe somebody has some inside information!


              It would be really nice if there were a few extra dates in Holland. Perferable in Rotterdam. It would be so cool to be able to go and see three gigs in one tour.


                Bielefeld and Köln as well as Belgium are really not that far from Holland :-)

                I will be in Haarlem 05.11.! I am really loking forward to my first Dutch Motorpsycho show since Rotterdam 2002!


                  Also got my ticket for Haarlem. Too bad they don’t play Eindhoven this time, but I’ll gladly take the trip. Hoping for some early material, but as someone already remarked, that would just be too predictable for MP…


                    Just ordered tickets for Rockefeller Oct 14th, woop woop!


                      i think i go to berlin as well. anyone knowing the location suggests ticket pre-order to be on the safe side?

                      i’d be happy if they only played the last 2 albums.

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