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      Really? Then the whole black edition should be replaced.

      Has anyone other than me contacted runegrammofon or Stickman records about this issue?

      Krist Rampage

        Sorry to hear the black vinyl pressing is not ok.

        Anyone else noticed the MAKE LOUD NOT WAR on the runout groove? Does the black vinyl have this too?


          Yes, MAKE LOUD on side A, NOT WAR on B.

          I contacted RuneGrammofon, and Rune immediately offered me a new record. He said I was the first to contact him on this issue, his black vinyl sounds perfectly fine.

          Vegard B. Havdal

            It Shouldn’t have to be like that.


              Getting into the album, my CD jumps quite a bit but my Roksan could need a service. Peace to all from Lancashire UK.


                My black Rune-copy has hiss, too. Same song, same channel…


                The title track to me represents the pinnacle of Motorpsycho. This song is so incredibly amazing. All the complex and beautiful melodies, the unity of lyrics and music, the perfect transitions between parts (especially the transitions at 2:21 and how it comes back to the verse at around 17:12 give me shivers all the time), that wonderful, diverse and ever-changing intro, the incredible drums, the vocal melodies, the riffs, the solos, the build up, the heavy and dark middle part representing the horrors of war, how it all comes back together in the end – this song simply has everything that makes MP so incredible.

              Viewing 7 posts - 226 through 232 (of 232 total)
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