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      Notification today: a parcel from norway has to be picked up at the customs office! Seems "The Light Fantastic" is here at last! (Or at least near…)


        Always about a month after a special item appears in the webstore, people start to complain here about the parcel not having arrived, neither having heard a word of its whereabouts. It's been like that since the webstore is up, always the same picture. I understand that this is annoying. On the other hand, maybe people should start to embrace the whole DIY culture in the Motorpsycho mothership. It brings us an awfully slow webstore, but also new records at a lightning fast speed.

        It is everyone's right to complain after two month not having received their package. But those who do file a complain, should not complain again afterwards, if they got the money back, but no copy of The Light Fantastic.


          Well, I did at least receive a reply today, so there's hope. DIY or not, I think it's kind of past the fanzine stage at this point. What is one supposed to do when it doesn't show up? It's been several weeks since the blog said that all October orders had been processed, so there is the possibility that it got lost in the mail. The problem is – who knows? I can't sit still forever and just wait.


            as with a lot of things it is simply a matter of organisation. i know the webshop seems to be a one (wo)man operation, but why not simply hire a reliable student to help you along during peak phases. many students would be happy to help. at least that's how i organised things while having to send out several hundreds of orders.

            that said, i've been waiting since Oct 16 with no information at all.


              I was just told by Cecilie Lykke that my order (placed on Oct 15) hadn't been forwarded by Paypal. So there was indeed a hickup after all. I think those of you who ordered early but still haven't received anything might want to get in touch with the webshop…


              Did you get an e-mail with confirmation and order# even though the payment went through?


                I got the Paypal receipt email. Nothing specifically from the Motorpsycho webshop.


                OK.. I got both Paypal- and MP/Shop confirmation on oct 15th, still nothing. What e-mail did you use for cantacting the shop? Only info I find says «booking only»..


                  That's the one I used. I read it as the phone number being for booking only. Couldn't find any other way to contact them.


                  Thanks, I’ll try the same then!


                  Ordered it from Belgium as soon as it was available in the webshop. Immediately received order confirmation and a order number.

                  Until now nothing to show for my money. No LP, no responses to emails, …

                  I really dig the whole DIY-thing and understand that things can be a bit slow now and then. And I wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer, if at least someone would be so kind as to respond to my email.

                  Really not cool, not even in a DIY rock 'n' roll-kinda-way.


                  I e-mailed them a week ago (see above), turnes out they hade made a mistake and said they would ship my copy the same day.

                  Probably arrives right after christmas.. That’s cool, but seems there might be more than just me…


                    Now available via Stickman (as well as kosmiske reise)



                      Finally got my copy! I doubtlessly don't need to say this, but this release is an absolute gem of a Motorpsycho artifact. I hadn't thought of this as a 30th anniversary release, but it makes a lot of sense as a celebration of everything that is Motorpsycho. This is humor and weirdness and side-splittingly hilarious nerdy intelligence, all rolled up in a package that, visually, stands with the absolute best they've done. Still haven't got to the music and the two unreleased tracks…


                        Some nice Sunday afternoon listening I found on Mixcloud (as the storms rage outside):

                        A playlist to intrigue some members here…

                        Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 7/1/20

                        Motorpsycho : The Light Fantastic (The Light Fantastic) Motorpsycho Archives

                        Colour Haze : The Real (We Are) Elektrohasch

                        Møster! : Bandha (When You Cut into the Present) Hubro

                        Oulu Space Jam Collective : Sax Offender (Drug Rings of Saturn) Adansonia

                        The Janitors : Do It Again (Drone Head) Cardinal Fuzz

                        The Heads : Dissonaut (At Last!) Rooster Rock

                        Masters of Reality : The Blue Garden (Flak’n’Flight) Brownhouse

                        Wishbone Ash : The Pilgrim (Live) (Live from Memphis)

                        I was lucky enough to see Wishbone Ash at Reading Festival 1981. I look at the line-up for those three days now and wish I had Stewie Griffin's time machine handy!

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