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    I’ve come to notice most fans of Motorpsycho are musicians themselves, and what better place to showcase the influence MP has had on it’s listening fellow musicians than here! I’m currantly not in a band myself so im not gonna taint this request by shamelessly plug any of my stuff but lets hear it from all of you. You got any? Myspace or such, whatever! Bring it!

    If this is deemed not suitible for this forum let me know and I’ll delete the thread, im new here.


    my band:


    on our 1st ep (3.0) we have our own version of All is Loneliness

    then i suggest to liste to our track called “Arigato”

    comments wellcome



    @ Ricky: I like it! Good version of All Is Loneliness. What do you play? Pitty there are only three songs on yr myspace.

    My band: Rooster Rampage Check it out, would love to hear some comments.

    – Chris



    My band is called Zenerswoon

    here is the link to listen our stuff

    We have released our new album “Frames” (NowHerez rec./ Audioglobe) in May 2009



    you’re all beautiful. and I remember KSD’s troupe. especially outstanding.

    here’s when I play with myself: and this is a trio where I play bass and stuff:


    my band is named CôRIAN


    Green Sky Accident

    We released our first album a couple of months ago. Reviewers in norway, germany and italy compared some of the songs with motorpsycho. Don’t know how much I agree though ;-)


    These are my bands:

    second one is more mp-influenced.


    @ Chris

    thanks a lot!!!

    I play (at least I try to) drums…

    we have 2 songs more on our EP, hope to put them on myspace soon, they are on the same line of “arigato”…

    now I listen to your band


    thanks again supernaut!

    and thank you all

    i really like what i’m hearing from all of your bands


    awesome! i knew this was a good idea. haven’t plowed through it all yet but i really like what i’ve heard so far! e.g. zenerswoon sounded fantastic! gonna go though it all by and by.

    and though im not currently in a band as mentioned i could post a link to my latest band closer –> – where i handled the vocals. not very motorpsychoish though.

    putting a new band together, but nothing is set yet. showing withdrawal symptoms from not making music in a while :).



    my own project Annot Rhül


    the band Moon Module


    Annot Rhül! The”Lost in the Woods” album is excelent stuff!



    WOW many great bands here , good idea Hyena ,

    My band is called Landscape and here is the link to myspace :-)

    Landscape myspace

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 128 total)
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