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      My band is called Ruhestörung, and is on hiatus as my two fellow band colleagues both moved away :/

      Anyway, I don’t know about MP influence, but I certainly nicked the chords of “Mad Sun” for a song ;P

      Here are my sites: — on there is info & stuff and also links to MySpace & where you can download some of our stuff. I recommend the albums “Napalm” and “Distance”, they turned out more or less okay. Or just listen to the songs on MySpace. ;)

      I have been playing around alone this year, but nothing of substance has yet surfaced, I do have some song ideas lying around however, I’ll have to see to it that I record them proper someday.

      Participant – My One Man Band – Scared Dog – Ambient noise – Metrognom – Progressive Rock (I’m playing keys, mellotron, theremin) – HKS – Improv trio (I’m playing drums + +) – Mouches Volantes – Experimental (New songs out 21/11-09)


          the B stands for Busy. 8O


            Lots of good music here! I play in a instrumental band from Trondheim.

   or for downloads!


            Check out my band @


              great great great.


              ey, supernaut…do you like dinosaur jr? :wink:

              but nicely done!


              I do some homerecordings which can be heard here:


              And here’s some band stuff that I’ve been involved in:


              My band Kambodsja, is kind of hardcore/rock/noise/prog or something. I play bass and do most of the vocals. Not a very obvious motorpsycho influence maby, but i promise you, it´s there…



              Cool post! This is actually a pretty good source for new and cool music…

              My band is called Tocksick Dandruff, and is mainly a progressive hyperfunkrock rap group. Insane, yes, but I love it! There’s plenty of Motorpsycho infulences in there, although the band is slightly different from what MP is about. I play bass and drums on these recordings:

              Pluss I have my unavoidable solo-project. It’s pretty simple pop-stuff, but some of it is OK. I play everything and have written, recorded and produced everything. Enjoy:



              Cool thread!

              I’m currently working on a solo project, doing something I would refer to as “acoustic rock”. I guess it’s not very Motorpsychodelic, but songs like “Feel” have been very inspiring. An EP will be recorded in June/July, so I guess I could get back to you guys when I’ve got something to showcase :)


              Didn’t hear every band, but some nice music indeed. I especially like Annot Rhül, great pink floyd vibes!

              I play the bass in a band called The Shanghai Hype. We just got a song out on a small label. You can hear a sneak on this site:

              I am also involved in a new project which will get VERY Motorpsycho-ish! I hope to have some recorded material around this summer…


              My band:

              The Ursa Major Constellation

              one song on myspace (unmixed & unmastered) work in progress :-)




              I play the big B in some bands in Trondheim.



              New stuff will be released shortly. We Were Lightning will release the debut album on how is annie records in about a month, and Color Me Amazed will do more lo-fi epic post rock soon.


            Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 129 total)
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