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    Hi everyone!

    Here is the new video of my experimental rock duo "Los Padres"!

    I made the video myself and I'm sure you guys will appreciate the tribute to certain Motorpsycho videoclips of the Timothy's Monster era.

    Share if you like it!

    Have fun!


    My Band "Bozo"



    Ok, so I've posted an EP before, but yesterday I released my first ever fullength album, 9 songs (and an intro) over 45 minutes. It's a conceptual record, a chronologically told story from beginning to end. It's in Swedish though but I could hit you up with a translation if you'd care for it :).

    Heavily inspired by Motorpsycho, longtime fan, but I'm not sure it spills into the music much, you be the judge I guess. Hope you like it.

    Joachim Dahlbergs Vindkraft – Med blod som bläck


    Hi everyone,

    This is my band AITRS.

    You can hear our first tune for our upcomming EP Lead In The Kitchen Garden.

    Some friends says there is a bit of Motorpsycho (Let Them Eat Cake, Phanerothyme,It's a Love Cult period).

    Hope you like it :

    and another tune from our live 2 weeks ago on Soundcloud :

    EDIT :

    I put the second one here too :

    AITRS – Lead In The Kitchen Garden


    Fellow Psychonauts! Brand new song from my brand new project, Great Wide.

    A little bit experimental, alternative rock, kind of dark I guess. Please have a listen, and I hope you like it!

    Great Wide – Soldier On


        Hey Psychonauts.. My Debut album was released a month ago… It is a Mix of Electronic music German rap and songs..

        NOT ALL OF YOU MAY LIKE IT.. lol

        Anyway you may listen to it on Spotify Deezer and I Tunes… And so on…

        Discoklo – Welcome to Discoklo

        Have Fun




          Yeah… Go on F*CK Yourself stupid Dog… I would be glad if assh*les like you don't give it a listen…


          A new song from my solo-project DAWN:

          Prog / Heavy rock / Psychedelia with the influences of Krautrock and a certain weed factor here and there.


          Hi guys,

          Our band – Mount Venus – released a new EP earlier this year.

          Wanted to share these psych sounds with you!

          Check out Astrosonic Sunbeam on



          Mount Venus


            Great EP @beton ! It sounds amazing :-)


            @Blashyrkh Thanks, man! :)


              Here's my most recent stuff. Totally gone solo for a change with these two albums: rocking and soothing


                Hey Motorpsychodelic folks..

                Have fun with my new german Rap album…

                I know it is NOT everbodys taste here in this Forum but give it a chance..

                It just about half of a hour…

                Also on You Tube, Deezer, Amazon Music etc…

                Rock on… :STG:

                See you on the next Tour Folks…

              Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 129 total)
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