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      My band, a stoner-duo

      here you can find the album "il torrente che guadi" in free download

      and our videos

      i vivi

      mondo I


        Hey Folks… Here are my 2 Projects…

        First is Fine Electronic Music

        Second is german Rap music…

        Check it out..

        I know it May Not be be Everybodys Sound in Here but give it a Listen…

        Rock on..



        What the heck. Some of you may dig this. Here's a 100% improvised drums/bass sludge-rock duo from two Minnesota rock vets. If you like riffs and killer drumming, maybe this is for you. I think this crowd might get on board with this. Enjoy!


          My band follows the Theory of Obscurity, very strictly. Sorry…


            My Band "Stunner" with our first album:


            Some kind of Sludge/Death-Stoner with Progressive influences.

            If you listen to bands like Entombed (in their Death'n'roll phase), Neurosis, (early) Mastodon or Motörhead you may like it. At least I hope so. :-)


              After a (technically induced) break from being online, here’s my thing again

              Also better sounding than before due to new mastering. :cheers:


                So this is @Neil Tesor on guitar, myself on bass and a non-forum (!) member on drums.

                The band has its roots on the forum. Neil Tesor and I met after a Motorpsycho tribute/jam session a bunch of years back..

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                  My band released our first album last Friday.

                  It’s quite eclectic, but could probably be classified as progressive rock, with ventures into «jazzish» pop.


                    Hope it’s ok to post:

                    I was honored to participate in this non-profit endeavour:

                    It’s german so not all might understand the lyrics but it’s a cover version of “Baraye”, written by the iranian artist Shervin Hajipour. He collected various tweets and statements from Iranians for the lyrics. Non-german speakers can find various english or subtitled versions on youtube for understanding them by looking up “Baraye”.

                    Like many other international artists we made our translated version featuring some swiss arists. It’s to raise awareness and show solidarity with the brave folk in Iran, especially since our governement once again does nothing. :cheers:

                  Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)
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