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    My band, a stoner-duo

    here you can find the album "il torrente che guadi" in free download

    and our videos

    i vivi

    mondo I


    Hey Folks… Here are my 2 Projects…

    First is Fine Electronic Music

    Second is german Rap music…

    Check it out..

    I know it May Not be be Everybodys Sound in Here but give it a Listen…

    Rock on..



    What the heck. Some of you may dig this. Here's a 100% improvised drums/bass sludge-rock duo from two Minnesota rock vets. If you like riffs and killer drumming, maybe this is for you. I think this crowd might get on board with this. Enjoy!


    My band follows the Theory of Obscurity, very strictly. Sorry…


    My Band "Stunner" with our first album:

    Some kind of Sludge/Death-Stoner with Progressive influences.

    If you listen to bands like Entombed (in their Death'n'roll phase), Neurosis, (early) Mastodon or Motörhead you may like it. At least I hope so. :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 121 through 125 (of 125 total)
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