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  1. karnevil9

    Got into Motorpsycho about 6 months ago and it's a daunting task as so much music and so many different styles.
    The 200-2002 era was where I started and still love that but gradually getting into the heavier stuff. I Love Into The Mystic but looks like that is never played. I'm coming to the 02 gig in London.
    Does anyone know what set i should expect as it seems to change every gig.
    Obviously got The Tower so expect quite a few from that but is there any chance they may play Go To California or do they not play that kind of stuff anymore?
    It will be incredible just to see them play, these guys should be global superstars!

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  2. Great King Rat

    Hi there, welcome! It's part of the magic that the setlists offer surprises every night but you're right to expect a lot of the material from The Tower. They usually start touring with some 50 or so songs ready, so there's always old stuff. This time it might be a bit different for they've got a new drummer who isn't familiar their whole catalogue yet, I suppose.
    I wouldn't dare predicting the chances of GTC. It's been in the setlists quite frequently for some time but I haven't heard it in a while now.
    As for global superstars, it's a good thing they aren't, trust me

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  3. Punj Lizard

    Hi there, and welcome! I was a new member here just a couple of weeks back, having also only recently discovered MP. I've been looking fairly closely at the setlists and as far as I can ascertain, in the roughly dozen gigs they played in the first part of this tour, they played a total of about five hours' worth of different material. That included all bar the two shortest tracks from The Tower, though A Pacific Sonata was, I think, only played once. They also played several tracks from Angels and Daemons at Play. The remainder came from a whole array of albums as far back as Timothy's Monster.

    Like you, I've come to MP from the prog side of things, but have been thoroughly enjoying the earlier material that I've heard so far - which is primarily AADAP and Trust Us, plus a few tracks here and there from Timothy's Monster and Blissard. Of these I am so far highly impressed by Trust Us - it's a proper tour de force. AADAP feels less consitent to me, but it does have the brilliant Un Chien d'Espace, which, if you get the deluxe edition, comes (as it did on the original three-EP release of the album) with Have Spacesuit Will Travel, which is also brilliant.

    It seems to me that whetever direction anyone comes to MP, the journey is a mind-blowing trip, such is the consistent brilliance and eclectic nature of this band.

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  4. mybestfriend83


    I guess it would be like 5 out of 6 in the lottery if they got to play Go to California LP version in london... But allways keep hoping...
    I discovered MP back in 2001 and i do heavily miss most of that 70's Style...
    I am 34 by now but back then it was such an incredible journey from trust us or AADAP
    Until 2. Tussler record... I am quite a bit envy allthough it was all the right time... Welcome Psychonauts...

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  5. karnevil9

    Thanks for the feedback guys useful stuff.
    As expected I guess I will probably know half the set which will be fine I'm sure.
    Will be doing my best to absorb as much MP over the next 2 weeks as I possibly can. Just heard the Fishtank version of Pills, powders and passion. I think that is a great one.

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  6. ffbernie

    this is as close as it gets to sitting on the couch with BENT and going through some of the music..;enjoy.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  7. karnevil9

    What an open and honest guy, you expect Lemmy from Motorhead but like Mikael from Opeth he's without attitude, humble and completely about the music, no games no rock star just total love for the art and a desire to just do great work like all the great artists. Wonderful man

    Posted 4 years ago #

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