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  1. Netsrak

    Hi folks,

    just in time with the end of the "The Tower"-tour I made an observation I'd like to share with you...

    As we just had the "How many shows have you attended?"-poll I guess it's safe to say that a lot of us had the chance and pleasure to attend more than one show per tour. And maybe more than once consecutively.

    So have you not wondered how it is possible that the guys seem to get better and better from night to night?
    The show ends and you think to yourself "man that was intense. how can they top that?". And come the next evening they managed to do exactly that.
    (Of course there may be songs that were played "better" or "more to your liking" on an earlier night - but the energy that they build on stage just seems to rise and rise)

    So here's my obseravtion/theory:
    This entity "Motorpsycho" is capable to charge us direclty with the energy they build on stage while playing.
    Perhaps that does not sound so revolutionary, but "technically" it makes perfect sense:
    They charge us with that high energy and it is in fact so much of it that, while you can shake off the hangover (if you're lucky), you cannot rid yourself off the excess energy by the time you get in line for the next gig. And of course: this night the same thing happens again!
    So from night to night you get so superfueled with that sweet energy that you just climb higher and higher on the ladder to perfect bliss.

    So - there you have it. Case closed.

    How exactly the band is able to transport that energy to the audience and: where they get that energy from in the first place - I have no clue.
    Future generations will have to study and investigate on that matter.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. JERO

    Wow! Netsrak, love how you put this mystical experience of the power of music into words!
    Since music is waves permeating substance it is probably capable of even bigger cosmic things, we don't know of yet. What I know for sure and experience peronally since my concert attendance is that I have been charged up and am still aglow with happiness and love to share around. It is almost like a religious experience, although we must not forget Bent&Snah and collaborators are only human, it may well be that on some loud night that they channel holy cosmic power which is bigger than us all and can't be explained, only experienced HALLELUWAH!

    Posted 4 years ago #

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