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  • Started 11 months ago by BronYAur
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  1. BronYAur

    Yeah, exactly what you read.
    I want you to name your UNFAVOURITE SEVEN Motorpsycho songs. I want you to make your outing and let yourself be spitted in the face by the other fans!

    Why 7?
    Because 5 is too easy, but 10 is too much work. Seven is a very rock'n'roll number, so I think it's a good one for a top-down chart.

    I made something similar years ago, but most of you dodge the question by answering with things like Siddhartino or Beacons and Beams. That's not fair! So, this time, THERE ARE RULES!

    RULE 1: NO DIVERTISSEMENTS! I want REAL songs, so no geb-tunes, or one-minute intros, or Storlokke's Unicorn instrumentals. You heard me. I can barely concede on Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii, but that's quite borderline!

    RULE 2: NO COVER SONGS! That's another way to dodge the problem... New Day Rising cover? No way!

    RULE 3: NO MORE THAN 2 SONGS FROM A SINGLE RELEASE! Don't want a list of Lobotomizer songs from a metal-hater, or a all-Unicorn list from a prog-hater, or all Black Holes from a... uhm... from ME! Be creative!

    That's it. If you explain why you choose those songs, that's better.
    Debates are welcome!

    If we do a good job, we will present it to the band for their 30th anniversary, what a gift!

    Posted 11 months ago #
  2. JERO

    come on man, are you bored or are you boring?

    Posted 11 months ago #
  3. otherdemon

    I'll start then:

    - The Wait: Yuck! Such a disjointed, meaningless track. Future tracks would improve GREATLY on this uninspired dreck.

    - Lighthouse Girl: Same as The Wait. I get what they're trying to do here, but they don't succeed at all. Please write an actual melody as basic for an epic track. This one is extremely half-assed.

    - What if?: What if you didn't write this song, Geb? The second half of IALC is pretty weak, and this one sets the standard. Why they included this one, and not the far superior Little Ricky Massenburg on the album, is beyond my comprehension. Sounds like a rejected Monkees demo.

    - The Mirror & The Lie: This really is "mediocrity on display". If Bent had bothered to write an actual melody, this could've been an interesting track. As it is now, it's a 6 min 43 second quiet waste of time. And again: They left Snafu and Fade To Grey on the Serpentine EP, but included this on the album? Sorry guys, poor judgement.

    - Whole Lotta Diana: I've loathed this track with a passion ever since it was released. First part is bad cock-rock, second part is a frantic drum-o-rama jam with no purpose. And they just threw those two parts together for seemingly no reason.

    - B.S.: I love Phanerothyme. Best album of the pop-period, and a somewhat underrated album over-all. However, this track is the one major flaw. Schmaltzy arrangement, annoying Bent vox. The Jaga horn solo midway is atrocious, but the biggest lapse of taste is Snah's Hawaiian guitar solo. Dæns-band level on that one, and always sends me to the toilet throwing up.

    - Sideway Spiral II: Spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral. Ad nauseum.

    (un)Honorable mentions: How Was I To Know, Composite Head, Whiskey & Rock n' Roll, Sonnyboy Gaybar, Jumping Flashback, The Visitant

    That said, for a band existing as long as MP and being so extremely productive, they have written very few downright BAD songs!

    Posted 11 months ago #
  4. kippenhok

    I ll play:

    -california dreamin'
    -on my pillow
    -walkin' with j
    -the promise

    And grindstone. It s out of place on TM. The grinding end distracts from the 3 beautiful songs on disc 2. And it s not as good as any of the metal songs on the earlier albums.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  5. Vegard B. Havdal

    - All of the acoustic mellow interludes since Stalemate. West coast soft rock is evil.
    - Slow phaseout and all those
    - Neverland
    - Year zero

    Posted 11 months ago #
  6. mefisto

    @kippenhok: no cover songs....

    Posted 11 months ago #
  7. mefisto

    b.s. (bent, how could you?)
    gutwrench (the only reason why demon box is not 100%)
    kill devil hills (boring boring, if i was a smoker, this would be the time to go out at a gig)
    on a plate (chaos of "riffs" - should have been scrapped)
    this otherness (can't even remember how the song goes...)
    any song of the unicorn (i know i am not allowed to pick the whole album...)
    star star star (should have stayed as funk99 on the other fool ep)

    Posted 11 months ago #
  8. shakti

    So most people couldn't abide by the rules already...and Whole Lotta Diana on a worst of list?? But I'll try to play...

    Going chronologically:

    1) Beautiful Sister - not a truly bad track, but in the company of almost consistently genius songs on TM, this sticks out like a sore thumb.

    2) Star Star Star - white boy funk horns meet uninspired, generic Stones-ey cock rock and feast on their mutual suckiness.

    3) Never Let You Out - oh, how I dread all those minutes lost during *every single* 2000-2001 gig where this had to be played. Cute, Geb...real cute.

    4) Landslide - I'll give them some credit for apt song title. This from the album that also spawned the abomination that is Go to California, the most ridiculous pastiche song ever written. See, I managed to sneak in my contempt for that song without actually nominating it!

    5) What If - someone beat me to the punchline "What If this song was never written". You know that when Neverland is not the chosen weak link on an album, the chosen song is REALLY REALLY WEAK!

    6) Year Zero - oh, how I dread all those minutes lost during *every single* 2008-2016 gig where this had to be played. Cute, Snah...real cute.

    7) Ratcatcher - please lead this interminable jam over the edge of the cliff and let it fall off into the abyss.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  9. shakti

    Shit...forgot about Composite Head, but then I'd have to leave out What If...

    Posted 11 months ago #
  10. Phoots Flower

    Year Zero? One of alltime favourite.
    IMO this song alone is bigger than discographies of a lots of bands.
    I take time to make my list. Unfauvorite no bad songs

    Posted 11 months ago #
  11. sunchild.holgi

    Please, Stop doing this

    Posted 11 months ago #
  12. Ratmaus

    Songs of which early (live) versions were actally enjoyable, but then the band made some bad decisions and ruined them in the studio):

    Fade To Grey
    What If
    Ratcatcher (Dora Peach was great!)
    Star Star Star

    Just unlistenable to these ears:
    The Mirror and The Lie (Bent at his worst in every possible way)
    Coventry Boy (mostly thanks to Snah's vocal performance)
    L.T.E.C. (musically the evil cousin of Star Star Star, sans the greasy horns, and I just can't take Bent's delivery of the nasty, self-righteous lyrics)

    Posted 11 months ago #
  13. BronYAur

    Gotta say that I'm very close to Shakti's feelings about some kind of songs, especially the poppish 2000-2001 stuff in each setlist, and Year Zero. But my list is still different:

    Truly Fine Citizen - Probably the less "mature" lyrics (euphemism...) from Bent, and in fact I don't think even he is so proud of it. Musical part also is quite meh.

    Grindstone - same feeling as kippenhok: not a bad song, but that final part is out of place in the marvelous last three sides of the Monster, and a physical offense to the ear. I know it's exactly what they wanted, but still, I gotta skip it every time!

    The Slow Phaseout - the entire "pop" phase of the band is not my cup of tea. This one wins the ballot with some other short uninteresting songs from that period, like The other fool, Neverland, BS or Big Surprise...

    Carousel - Apparently everyone has its "very bad Love Cult song", spanning form Mirror&Lie (that is one of my favourite from IALC!) to poor Composite Head, and silly What If... But Carousel is the low point in my opinion: all those strings, all that sort of out-of-place atmosphere... And I've always seen that as a bad attempt of regaining the glory of their "forgotten" masterpiece Radiation Freak, with that very similar structure. But no way.

    Before the Flood - I really don't love BH/BC second disc at all, but this one is very very boring to me. It was my "I go smoke a cigarette" song. "Year Zero" is a sort of "Before the Flood 2" for me, but I reckon that's quite better than the original! Still, I feel lucky that I have often dodged it in the tours...

    L.T.E.C. - Yes, the blank canvas deserve a double! LTEC is quite a nonsense...

    Afterglow: The most uninspired and uninspiring Kenneth-era song.

    Honorable mentions to Ratcatcher (yes, the Dora Peach version was much better!) and to Pacific Sonata, really tooooo loooong...
    On the other hand I like Whole Lotta Diana a lot, it's one of my favorite in Kenneth's era, but that's the only surprising title I've seen in your list... I mean, there are other songs that I like, but that I can understand they may fill this list. Whole Lotta Diana seems quite a blast to me!

    @JERO, @sunchild.holgi: it's just a game, played by people that have an average of 50 Motorpsycho concerts in their curriculum... And an exercise of criticism on a band we all love probably more than any other! And a way to discuss the impact of the various phases that MP have crossed in 30 years.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  14. sunchild.holgi

    I will never understand that kind of game. I.M.H.O it´s a bit overbearing. But feel free to rate all the mp stuff. It wont´t change my life. But i think its totaly misplaced in this forum.

    at least a little notation:
    i saw more than 50 Shows since 95 Wehrschloss Bremen incl. Timothy-Oya, Opera, Slottsfjell and Begynnelser Trondelag. And remember the old Forum in Enger.
    Telling Bent or Snah or all the other Psychonauts here, what they did wrong in Song XXX is, Puhhh I don´t know! But think about it. It would be fair, if you all present YOUR Songs and all the other Psychonauts could discuss about in this forum. And we will present it to your 30, 40 or 50 Birthday?
    Keep Fair!

    Posted 11 months ago #
  15. JERO

    Totally agree with sunchild here. Don't go nitpicking like this. I apreciate the Motorpsychic journey as a whole, as an ever growing body of work, even the lesser songs are part of their development toward the greatness they convey to the world today. I strongly believe in the freedom of artists, the freedom even to fail. It's very human to not be perfect, I think in fact that is a beautiful thing of being human and artists may show us so we realise.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  16. mefisto

    It is also a freedom of speech, and everyone's entitled to have an opinion. I remember once telling Bent that I didn't like B.S., we didn't turn into enemies because of that

    Posted 11 months ago #
  17. BronYAur

    The part of the 30th anniverasry present was obviously just a joke. Really, you think I'd send a mail with this discussion to Bent saying happy birthday?

    And I completely agree with the obvious thoughts of JERO about being not perfect and the freedom to fail, but I don't see any part of your thoughts that may prevent me from opening a thread about which ones are the lesser songs and why. I'm personally interested in knowing that exactly the way I'm interested in knowing which songs people consider the best and why. But that part is the argument of 90% of the forum, so I'm not asking anymore.
    Misplaced in this forum? It's a forum about Motorpsycho, where should I ask instead?

    Posted 11 months ago #
  18. Punj Lizard

    And I'm with JERO. New though I am to the psychonaut fold, one of the overriding aspects of this band that floors me is their apparent Weltanschauung vis-à-vis the music. Having come late to the band and then digested as much as I can in as short a time as possible (inculuding a couple of gigs) I find it very hard to see any song other than in the light of the band's entire output, including not just the music itself, but also their approach to music, the way they cross-reference other artists, their committment to creativity over manufacture, their desire to inspire moments of transcendence rather than perfomr with rote repetition on stage, their playfulness over seriousness. Taking all of this together is what, to my as-yet-not-fully-grown psychonaut mind, makes an MP song what it is. There are songs I don't particularly like, but in the context I just outlined, I find it difficult to say this is bad or that's worse. I am therefore turned on by the whole rather than turned off by the holes.

    Having said all that, over on the Yesfans forum, there are much worse threads as people seem to love tearing holes not just in the music, but in the band members too. I hope it never comes to that over here.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  19. sunchild.holgi

    We saw another great Tour. A really good one. There is a another great Album out. The Band worked on the limitations about the Tour EP - they listened to YOU in this forum. And what is the Result: A discussing about fails...

    Posted 11 months ago #
  20. Paolize

    Totally agree with you, sunchild.holgi

    Posted 11 months ago #
  21. Ratmaus

    That's why we are here, and why we've got a million praise threads. Can't we have this one bitching thread where some of us discuss the .25 per cent of the entire MP discography we don't think as much of as the rest?

    Posted 11 months ago #
  22. BronYAur

    I'm sorry you people feel offended by this game. A game which implies discussion and critical approach to things. I failed to read anywhere that critics were forbidden here, but I have written on this forum only for the last 18 years so I may be wrong.
    They're musicians, not a sacred cow.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  23. supernaut

    Though I can't point out a bad song, or seven even, I'm with Bron. It's just a topic to discuss lightheartedly. So ease up, folks

    Posted 11 months ago #
  24. mefisto

    Haha, I'll maybe go and hide for the rest of my life and forget all about the 100+ shows I've seen then. If fans of a band can't accept a little bit of harmless criticism, then it might be time to think one more time. Noone really gets harmed by this, the band could probably not care less (I'm sure they don't like all their songs themselves anymore). After all we still stick with them year after year. So why not discuss all aspects of their songs? Don't take it personally...

    Posted 11 months ago #
  25. Phoots Flower

    There is not bad intention or bile in this topic, so please: peace brothers and sisters.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  26. otherdemon

    Yeah, I think at times this community takes themselves a little too serious.

    I mean, I could go on and on (and I've probably done this endlessly on this phorum over the years) about their advantages and the high percentage of downright transcendental songs that have moved me to tears, and sent me to that special place above and beyond.

    But that doesn't mean that I should avoid criticizing their lesser efforts. In fact I think it might be healthy, so they always stay in that challenger position, ready to explore intrepidly for those magical sounds that I know ONLY they are able to create.

    So I feel my conscience is in the clear.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  27. Punj Lizard

    Just to be clear, I don't actually have a problem with criticism, I just can't come at their output from that angle. Maybe at some point. For those who want to play, go for it - the points being made are pretty interesting.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  28. mybestfriend83


    1. Grindstone
    2. Feedtime
    3. The House at Pooneil corners
    4. When we were one
    5. On a Plate
    6. Sharks
    7. President block

    Those are the worst i know...
    Not many in So many years...

    Posted 11 months ago #
  29. Ratmaus

    You've got two (of my favorite) covers there (#3 and #7). That's cheating, buddy!

    Posted 11 months ago #
  30. shakti

    Jeez, lighten up folks. I will sing the praises loud and clear about the stuff I love about Motorpsycho, and indeed, one of the things I love is how they go all in and all out and all over the place. The very intention behind it all. But sometimes they fail. At least in my ears. And in someone else's ear that same failure will be a favourite track. It's all in good fun. I will go over the top in my praise of what I reckon to be their best stuff (Rad Freq is indeed a lost masterpiece!), please indulge me and allow me to go over the top in my damnation of what I consider their worst moments! I love the band just as much all the same, and every single release is an auto-buy.

    Posted 11 months ago #

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