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Worst Motorpsycho Songs

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  1. grindove

    Interesting, this! So far eight songs that I REALLY like has been listed as "worst":

    -"Walkin' with J" (one of my favorites on "Let them...")
    -"The promise" (everything on "Behind the sun" is amazing, except "On a plate" and the verses of "Cloudwalker")
    -"Neverland" (I'm one of those liking it)
    -"Year Zero" (one of my top 15 Mp tracks)
    -"Kill Devil Hills" (didn't realize its full quality until "Roadwork 4" was released)
    -"This otherness" (one of the few great tracks on " cult")
    -"Grindstone" (love it, but I agree about the ending, so I prefer the version on "The unreleased first edition" included in the 2010 box)
    -"Feedtime" (one of their better "metal" songs)

    It would be fair, if you all present YOUR Songs and all the other Psychonauts could discuss about in this forum.

    Not addressed towards me, but I would actually LOVE to hear which songs fans of my bands DON'T like (and why)

    Guess I won't make a "Worst Mp songs" top 7, but I've been thinking about starting an "Overrated" thread (with no rules). Maybe that would be somewhat overkill now when this thread is up (even if "worst" definitely NOT is the same as "overrated")? An "Underrated" thread to accompany that would be sweet, as well

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  2. mybestfriend83

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  3. mybestfriend83


    Yeah i know... Im sorry but it was hard to find tracks i really dont like... lol
    In my opinion the Begynnelser Album is the only complete Mistake the guys made through the years... Should have taken 2 tracks of that album to complete the list

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  4. grindove


    For me, "Begynnelser" is great night music! I'd prefer it as a two-sided LP instead of 2x10", though. Hey, I support "active listening" (flipping a 46 minute album halfway through is fine), but not "athletic listening" (running to the turntable every 12th minute really interupts the flow).

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  5. Elvin

    Excellent thread!
    We already touched this topic tn the 2017-11-05 Live Club Trezzo d'Adda thread, so the need to uncover some crap songs is surely here. Besides, tour is over and the new album is not so new anymore, so what else is there to talk about.

    I will elaborate on my list from said thread.

    -This song sounds like it is part of part of a musical. Nice enough verse, but the chorus, fy faen. And whats the deal with the vocal effect?

    The Cuckoo
    I dont even know where to begin. Unicorn style prog. But without "all that jazz" that made the unicorn somewhat entertaining. boom bi boom bi boom. Its not just boring, its annoying. And while were dissing the tower...

    The Tower
    - And I will quote myself: The Tower sounds like an uninspired Child of the Future outtake preformed during the Death Defying Unicorn quartet years. Maybe if they had an actual trondheim jazz orchestra play the dudidudiduu horns it would a least not sound so cheesy.

    -Come to neverland? No thanks. I like this type of 60s garage pop, but not by motorpsycho apparently. Others worth mention from this era: Go to C and What if…

    Star Star Star
    - More like Bore Bore Bore. Barracuda… I dont think MP do this rock n roll thing very good. Except you lied and ozone, which i almost hated before, but learned to love.

    Unicorn style prog - that is reason enough I guess. MJUUUTAAANII

    On a plate
    Generic stoner rock. Would be an excellent b-side (on the imaginary Hell pt 1-3 EP ) but totally out of place on BtS. Also, it should be dirtier.
    Come to think of it, I think Kvæstor is even worse: sportsrevyen prog

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    the worst list

    star, star , star
    when you're dead
    the afterglow
    child of the future
    big black dog

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  7. mikke

    Funny stuff, most of my favorite tracks are on these lists

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  8. pfnuesel

    Random Unicorn song
    To me this record never "clicked". It's just an accumulation of sounds that does not resonate with any part of my body. I tried it live, and then skipped the next four shows for which I had tickets. Then tried it live again and understood it was a good decision to skip those four shows. I wanted to give the record another try since then, but never had the right amount of energy to do so.

    Again, just a mix of things that does not make any sense to me. I really like the eggplant album. Maybe also due to its shortness, it's one of my favorite records of the Kenneth-era.

    Intreprid Explorer
    Don't like the singing. Don't like the noodling.

    Ship Of Fools
    Starts good, but becomes a big mess by the end.

    I don't like the Heavy Metal Fruit. Maybe you start to see a pattern. Yes, I'm not much into Prog. (I really like e.g. Kvaestor though!)

    Walking On The Water
    I find this worse than Neverland. Why? Because I've heard it so many times live. And it's really not a good song to begin with.

    What If...
    Little Ricky Massenburg is one of their best pop tunes. How on earth did What If... make the cut for the record?

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  9. Phoots Flower

    HMF is the best album for me so far.
    Starhammer get my crazy and Gullible's Travails is my favourite song of MP. It will be play in my funeral

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  10. Blashyrkh

    Some of you are going to hate me for it, but I really don't like Big Black Dog

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  11. shakti

    No hate from me. Bloated, self-conscious and self-important are words that come to mind. Same goes for the shapeless HBM track (the "song" HBM).

    The best stuff on HBM was Spin x 3 and Lacuna, even if they didn' bother to write a middle section for the latter. I hereby nominate HBM as the most monstrously overrated MP record ever (some people even pronounced it best ever). The Tower is such a huge step up in absolutely every department.

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  12. Blashyrkh

    Per album.

    Demon Box: love all the songs.

    Timothy's Monster:
    - beautiful sister - It's kind of a weird song for me on that album - don't know why it feels that way.

    - Such an amazing album. Nathan Daniel's Tune From Hawaii is unnecessary.

    Angels and Daemons at Play:
    - Walking on Water doesn't fit on that album

    Trust Us:
    - Absolutely a masterpiece!

    Let them eat cake:
    - Don't like Walking with J. All the other song are amazing - especially Upstairs and Downstairs (one of my favorite songs)

    - A great short rock album. But I'm not so fond of Star Star Star. A bit boring. Best song on that album is Dr. Hoffmann's Bicycle.

    - Can't say anything bad about this. Don't understand the hate for B.S.

    It's a love cult:
    My least favorite album - Culster's Last Stand and Composite Head don't fit the album in my opinion. (I love Neverland)

    Black Hole/Blank Canvas:
    - Really don't understand the hate for this album - one of my favorite albums in general.

    Heavy Metal Fruit:
    - I'll choose Close Your Eyes as the "worst" song on this album. It slows everything down.

    The Death Defying Unicorn:
    - I consider it as one piece - a great live experience. On the album some songs are "meh".

    Behind the Sun:
    - This album is okay but I don't like the chorus of Cloudwalker, and don't like the album version of Ghost. Best song on this album: The Magic and The Wonder.

    Here Be Monsters:
    - The only two songs I really like are I.M.S. (absolutely amazing) and Lacuna/Sunrise. I didn't liked the tour - it felt like Kenneth wasn't really "on it" from the beginning of the tour"

    The Tower:
    - They are 100% back on track ! Great great album! Nothing bad to say about this one.

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  13. mefisto

    @Blashyrkh: What about the missing albums?

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  14. Blashyrkh

    @mefesto, I only focussed on the main albums.
    But if you want to know what I think of the others:

    In the fishtank:
    - Love it !

    LLM (forgot to mention it in my other post):
    - Great album. But I've heard Year Zero a bit too much live.

    Still Life with eggplant (damn also forgot this one):
    - I also don't know the hate for Ratcatcher. But I prefer the "original" version - Dora Peach (don't know if that's correct).

    - A completely different motorpsycho as we know that band now. Love the album, don't like Wasted and Eternity

    8 soothing Songs for Rut:
    - Don't like Sister Confusion, The Wait, We All Float Down Here Too

    The RoadWork album:
    I really like volume 1, 3 (video on Haircuts), 4. Don't like RoadWork vol2: The Motorsource Massacre.

    The two Tussler albums:
    - Simply fun albums

    En Konsert For Folk Fest:
    - The only two songs I like are Lykkepilgrim and Grandiosa. But yeah, that's an album that you have to experience live.

    Supersonic Scientists:
    - They made bad choices on this album: don't like Dominoes on this album, neither In Our Tree. They could have picked 2 other songs like Fury on Earth and Painting the Night Unreal.

    - It's a bit annoying to switch the sides every 12 minutes. Don't like the album in general. There are some "fun" songs that remind me of Lord of the Rings and some other troll-themed stuff But again the same as En Konsert... you have to experience this live.

    They've made so many albums and so many different genres. There will always be people who like and disliked certain songs/albums.

    But still, best band in the world!

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  15. mybestfriend83


    I totally agree that let them eat cake.. Phanerothyme and bh / bc and tddu are great albums... I still love the its a love cult album too lol...

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  16. DandelionPowderman

    1. Doffen Ah Um
    2. Tristano
    3. Wasted
    4. Lighthouse Girl
    5. Fleshharrower
    6. Granny Takes A Trip
    7. Step Inside Again

    This wouldn't make a great album

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