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Songs or albums you changed yr mind about

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  1. supernaut

    There's always low traffic in here inbetween tour and new releases, so I make something up...

    What are your MP songs you loved, hated or were rather indifferent about at some point, but grew to hate, love or became indifferent about since?

    Hm... I just realize that this never really happened to me. Ha, what a way to start a topic! I can say though that I listened a lot and with pleasure to Cake, Phano and the Love Cult when they came out but rarely pick those up nowadays when I want to listen to the band. But maybe someone in here couldn't stand Fleshharrower but can't go to sleep without it being on heavy rotation nowadays?

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  2. mybestfriend83

    Hmmm... Let me think... First of all i really liked almost every motorpsychodelic tune.., But i remember i had a rough start with
    Timothys Monster complete Album...
    Had to listen to it at least 2 years after i listened the first few times to it... But then it all went well.. And my musical taste got a bit more into Rock and Roll these days... Back in 2001..

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  3. Punj Lizard

    AS it's still only a little over six months since I first listened to any Motorpsycho, I've heard a lot of Motorpsycho music in that time - most of it repeatedly. The one album that I really didn't like on first listen but which suddenly revealed itself to me was Blissard. For some reason it sounded rough, awkward, lacking in musicality ... Then one day, with over-ear headphones on, playing it on my very good player while wandering down to the shops, I was just bowled over by Sinful, Wind-Borne, Drug Thing and Greener. Funnily enough, I had two copies of the album on the player (one in FLAC format the other in mp3), so each track played twice before moving on to the next one. I think that helped!

    I then went on to very quickly appreciate the album as a whole. And then recently I read Johan Harstad's book and my appreciation levels rose even further. While Bent's ability to write good songs was (in my humble opinion) evident before this, I think this album is when he really showed himself to be more than just a good songwriter but an exceptional one.

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  4. Johnny_Heartfield

    I never really treasured Demon Box in the original CD version. Somehow too much noise and too little harmonic content for me. That having said - I always loved several songs on it, but as a whole it didn't do for me - until the 2LP re-release came out. And wow - suddenly all the pieces fell into shape: a great album indeed! With "Mountain" included and on 4 LP sides it's a different beast!

    Listened to "It's A Love Cult" recently (also 2-LP version) and refreshed my original esteem for the album. As a whole definitely another MP highlight, whatever you might think. Had forgotten how good it sounded - great rockers, great "Mirror & the Lie", excellent production, clear % well sung vocals not submerged in the mix or weakened by too many yes-ish harmony backing as happened so often in the Kenneth era. (COTF !)

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  5. Bartok

    @Punj — Just out of curiosity, since you’re a recent convert, what’s your top MP records as of today? Any special period? I guess a lot of oldies like me rate Timothy’s and the whole late 90s period pretty highly, but I’ve started wondering how those records (and DB) stand up today for new listeners, or if they’re «too 90s» in sound and structure. And of course I agree, Blissard is great, and I remember well that those records needed a few spins before they really opened themselves, a common trait I’ve found with all my favorite records btw

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  6. Punj Lizard

    @Bartok - My top MP records as of today would be ... damn, this could be a long list... but I'll try to keep it to five:

    Trust Us
    En Konsert For Folk Flest

    By next week, this list could well have changed! I mean, I can't believe I left out ITF10, DDU, Phano and HBM. The thing is, I just become immersed in an album and sometimes it's one I haven't listened too so much. Like LTEC - it was ok, but Phano was my favourite from that period, then suddenly - WOW! LTEC is brilliant! I think Trust Us will always be in my MP top five, though.

    As for one era versus another - I can't really say, except that I can only get into about half of Demon Box, and a few tracks on TM don't do much for me, though mostly it's brilliant. I still haven't heard anything before Demon Box. Each 'era' and each album has characteristics I can get into in a big way though, which is just one reason why MP are so special.

    I should add that "being too 90s" is not really an issue. Yes, it's possible to feel some music is too much of its time, and doesn't stand up well in the present, but for me, with the exception of much of the 80s sound, if it's good it's good.

    As for Demon Box specifically, I cannot handle growly vocals on pretty much anything, so that means a lot of DB doesn't work for me. But that has nothing to do with it being a 90s album. Pretty much all the rest of it I either really like or am just happy to listen to. Maybe one day I'll have a DB epiphany

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  7. Bartok

    Good selection, both TU and En konsert is also top 5 on my list (as of today) But as someone mentioned It’s a Love Cult I gave it a spin today, it’s been years, but of course, it’s nice. Still think it’s a bit baroque or something, it was the end of an era? but good. There’s always something great in all their records as you say. Now giving phanerothyme a spin, the bass and guitar and what, brass? on Painting the night is, well, unreal, good stuff. And yes, I agree, DDU should be top 5, but what the hell, maybe next week.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  8. mikke

    The period after Geb left was problematic, the Tussler stuff was already a bit boring and Black Hole/Blank Canvas was a disappointment, then Lucid Little Moments was released and I did not like it much.
    Child Of The Future was a vinyl only release, not a great move. I was in doubt, however for some reason I accidently got to hear Year Zero at high volume, it was brilliant. To this day I still think it's the one of the very best moments in Kapstad era and kind of turning point for the "new" MP.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  9. supernaut

    Ah! I remember one! When ASFE was released I thought it was ok but it didn't floor me at all. But then listening to it in sequence within The Tower album I suddenly found it to be a monster song. Quite similar to In Our Tree, when it was released ahead of BHBC on a sampler CD coming with the german Visions magazine. Very underwhelming I found, but nowadays it's one of my fave shorties. That stakkato guitar in the verse and then the exploding bass in the chorus and the passionate vocals. Oh and another one: On A Plate came to me as a quite the by-the-book stoner rocker, but after a few spins (and playing guitar along to it) it convinced me, too. Sleeper songs, I guess.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #

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