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2018-07-27 Burg Herzberg Festival

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  1. Punj Lizard

    Great video! Really loving A Pacific Sonata.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. Johnny_Heartfield

    I love Motorpsycho's Herzberg gigs. Perfect setting for a MP festival gig. And all of them killers! The first one in 2008 was brilliant live but a little bit weaker as a recorded gig in hindsight. The next one I was in the audience but didn't realize how brilliant it was until listening to the recording. The following two just pure joy. Keep on!

    Posted 8 months ago #
  3. simaen

    Love the video, thank you so much for sharing. Holy shit Reine Fiske knocked it out of the park with his solo in "In Every Dream Home", such great synergy between all the performers. Pacific Sonata and The Wheel was also absolutely amazing. It seems like they have had a lot of fun this tour. Can't wait for the next chance I get to see them.

    Posted 8 months ago #

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