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What Barracuda could (and should) have looked like

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  1. pfft

    In late 2000 (or early 2001) I received an e-mail newsletter from Stickman which showed an LP sleeve mockup for the forthcoming Motorpsycho LP. I immediately recognised the image used on the cover. It was taken from an early '70s car ad, and the exact same picture had been used only two years prior on an LP I happened to have in my collection. The band was Quadrajets from Alabama, and the LP was called Pay The Deuce on Estrus Records. I sent an e-mail to Bent pointing out these facts, and he immediately rush designed a new sleeve. I wish I hadn't said anything... The original design is so much nicer than the Photoshop nightmare they ended up using...

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. Tomcat

    I remember the story, that was unfortunate but who could have known ... the final album artwork indeed looks censored

    Posted 8 months ago #

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