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  1. JERO

    Anecdotes to share regarding those funny and or weird moments you witnessed? Like the replacement of a bass-string while Bent is in full flight, or his introducing the bandmembers mixing up their names, the almost collapsing speaker-cabinet (Maastricht), Kenneth crashing through 2 bassdrumheads at the same time (didn't happen, or did it?)?
    Be it Viking heroics or Spinal Tappish moments, the stuff of legends is with MP always around the corner, I'd like to hear them!

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. Ercarnar

    Well, here are some small things that made me laugh.

    -Bloom, 2012: During a song from TDDU (I think it was "Into the Gyre"), when Bent had to play a long and LOUD open string on its bass, he opened his arms showing bat-like wings attached to his shirt, making horns with his hands like Gene Simmons did
    -Same concert: After the TDDU set, the band took a short break and TOS came out on stage with a cardboard showing (in italian) "We'll be back in 10 minutes!"
    -Bloom, 2013: Bent introduced the band in italian with a very funny accent
    -The funny dance they do in "Mountain" always makes me smile
    -Magnolia, 2016: a stupid guy from the audience shouted a request, and Bent answered funnily:

    "The Ace of Spades!"
    "The Ace of Spades?"
    "Yes, Lemmy passed away and your name comes from him!"
    "I'm sorry, my name is not Benty"

    Some might think it might be a little rude as an answer, but the truth is that the guy was rude, shouting random and incorrect things in the middle of a answer would have been much more impolite.

    -Parma, 2017: before playing "The Golden Core", Bent said "This is one of those songs that if you know it please...DON'T sing along!"

    Posted 8 months ago #
  3. BronYAur

    I think I witnessed the only time in MP history in which Bent CLIMBED UP on the PA and did stupid things while the other guys were playing.

    It was during Black to Comm at Totem, Castelfranco (I), 12-11-2002. You can find it here: (at 1:34:30)

    (btw, I'm the tall ever-headbanging guy on the right corner of the stage)

    Posted 8 months ago #
  4. marc

    thanks BronYaur, this is incredible!

    Posted 8 months ago #
  5. mikke

    Wow! The rumors about the special italian gigs are indeed true!

    Posted 8 months ago #
  6. I was there in Castelfranco. Fun night! It seemed the band was very happy to finally have reached Italy, they always loved it there.

    Sometimes the Italians do get a special concert, especially back in the day it seemed like they played longer and different sets there.

    But you can also get special nights in other countries. In Athens in 2001 they played the An Club, a small basement joint that could hold a 100 people. The stage had this peculiar shape, so they decided to place the drums in front with the three others behind and out in the corners. As they took the stage, Bent introduced themselves as "Gebhardt and the Motorpsychos".

    They opened with the yet to be named new jazzy instrumental*, and Bent usually gave the song a new name each night. In Athens he introduced it as "Zorba the Greek Salad".

    They delivered a stormer of a rock/jam night to a sold out and very appreciative crowd.

    *The new jazzy instrumental from the 2001 fall tour was first time played live introduced as "Dora Peach". It would develop into "Ratcatcher" on Still Life with Eggplant 12 years later.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  7. mister conclusion

    Does anyone who has been there remember the famous spitting incident (Bent the Llama) from Conne Island some years ago? This story would fit here, maybe not that funny but definitely weird.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  8. BronYAur

    @mister conclusion - Did he write The Wall after that?

    Posted 8 months ago #
  9. marc

    @mister conclusion
    I was there and I also thought about mentioning the infamous spitting incident. originally I decided to not post it and leave it a thing of the past, but anyway, now the cat is out of the bag (does that exist in english??? :roll:). It was nothing much to write home about actually. During a silent part in Golden Core, Bent dealt with a heckler in a rather physical, moist way. That was it. What followed was some of the most tense discussions here in the forum ("Rock'n'roll, who cares?" VS. "dick move")

    Posted 8 months ago #
  10. Ercarnar

    Oh, another Mötorhead related thing:
    Bloom, 2013 - the band got on stage and, with a Lemmy-voice, Bent announced "We are Motorpsycho...and we play Rock!"

    [Lemmy used to introduce the band saying "We are Mötorhead...and we play Rock and Roll!" ("And we'll kick your ass!" was the earlier version)]

    Posted 8 months ago #

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