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  1. asamford23

    I checked out a lot of stuff in this thread that i wasn't already familiar with, a lot of really great stuff!

    I would be humbled and honored if anyone wanted to check out any of my music!

    Andy Samford - A Collection

    Posted 5 months ago #
  2. punknotyet

    Two new albums, that I'd like to share with you:

    Rosalie Cunningham - S/T:
    Debut album of ex-singer/songwriter/guitarist of great retro-hard/psychedelic-rock band Purson.

    iamthemorning - The Bell:
    New album of amazing prog/chamber-pop duo from Saint Petersburg.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. Netsrak

    Ok - I've had this in the making for so long, but never actually got around to. But since they released their Magnum Opus today, it's now or never...

    Band: Merlin
    Album: The Mortal

    A pretty small (tiny?) band from Kansas City. And boy have they made quite an evolution yet still remaining true to their sound/thing/whatchamacallit.
    Especially on their latest album they play a bit of everything, that's why I don't confuse you with a genre description. To show my goodwill and give you at least a hint: they started as a doom/stoner oufit in 2013, but soon got more diverse and sorta proggy. So - yes: it has guitars. As of now they mix a lot of styles with ease and above all without sounding too proggy in the end. All is floating in an organic manner.

    Well: find out for yourself if this works for you.
    It sure did for me. Album of the year. At least. I have not listened to any record (yes, I apologize: ANY record) so many times and still getting that tingly feeling.

    So if you like music - give it a shot.

    Long live the wizard of nothing!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  4. punknotyet

    Diagonal - 2019 - Arc
    New album by amazing British psychedelic-prog-rock band after 7 year hiatus.
    Essential find for every prog fan.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  5. marc

    A couple of weeks ago, there was an art festival at an old brewery in my hometown and, as the closing performance, I did a live score together with musicians from other bands for the french-czechoslovakian film "La Plan├Ęte Sauvage" (also "Fantastic Planet" or "Der Wilde Planet"). It was a one-time, semi-improvised thing and it turned out pretty great. It was quite an exciting experience to make music as a supplement to visual style and content. Since the music didn't have to stand by itself, it was real big fun how much it allows you to play with dynamics.

    Imagine a little Pink Floyd, Can, Ambient, a little MP groove here and there....feel free to give it a click! I would appreciate it. (seperated in 8 clips on youtube, the one below being my favorite)

    Posted 1 day ago #

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