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The Tower, 18 months later

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  1. pfnuesel

    We always talk about how much a Motorpsycho record grows. The Tower has been released roughly 18 months ago, and I wonder how much it really has grown on you. With a few spins of The Crucible in your ear canal, and hopefully a few witnessed shows where they played some of the Tower material, you probably look very different on the record than when it came out. But how much, really? Bonus points if you go back to the original Tower thread and compare how much your impression has changed over the time.

    For me, the title song and The Cuckoo are among the highlights on the record, and I also like A Pacific Sonata and Dream Home, these songs really have grown. Especially Cuckoo, which I didn't cared for that much in the beginning. When the record came I out, I tried to convince my friends that even old Norwegians can rock like hell: I chose Bartok to play to them (sidenote: they didn't like it; they're not my friends anymore). So in some sense, Bartok was my favorite song in the beginning. Alas, it didn't pass the test of the time, if you ask me. It's still ok, but I can live without it. My impression of A.S.F.E hasn't changed much, it's an ok pop song, I quite like it every now and then, but don't mind skipping it sometimes. With Intreprid Explorer, I never got warm, it's mostly the singing that I struggle with. I actually hated the song quite a bit in the beginning, and my affection hasn't changed much for the better. My favorite song, though, is clearly Ship Of Fools. This one has steadily grown, and reached a climax when I saw the song played three or four times live in the same amount of days, and it just got better and better, where it didn't felt to be able to get any moer better. All in all, The Tower did grow a lot for me. I still don't go as far by calling it "Best record since X", where X usually is a record with Geb on drums. But it's definitely a masterpiece.

    To grab the bonus points, I did a verbatim google search "the tower pfnuesel". I did not write much about the record itself, but I found an interesting quote on Worst Motorpsycho Songs, where I nominated today's favorite song on The Tower, Ship Of Fools. "Starts good, but becomes a big mess by the end." God! What an idiot I am!

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  2. fillmore

    Compare a similiar post in the original "Tower" thread

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  3. supernaut

    My mind hasn't changed at all. Another fine album with the high points Ship Of Fools, Intrepid Explorer, the last few minutes of The Cuckoo and the 2nd half of the Sonata. I like Bartok better on the album than live, as opposed to The Tower, which I found worked better live. I still can't get into Dream Home and I still like ASFE a lot, especially the sheer neverending stretched out ending, which turns a straight rocker due to keeping it completely straight without any fiddling about into a hypnotic trip.

    I almost never change my mind about a MP album. There's a few like the Eggplant and the Fruit which I rarely pick for a spin, but when I do I love them and wonder why I listen to them not as often as to others...

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  4. pfnuesel

    Uh, I see, I've stolen Anders' idea. Sorry about that.

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  5. The Other Anders

    No worries. I am still listening to it daily. Although yesterday I had Psychotzar on my brain all day, today I woke up with The Cuckoo on my mind. I cannot make a full description of how the music impacts me emotionally (isn't that what you want to read about, JERO?), other than that I think The Tower has got it all. In my world it is already a classic alongside DB, TU, HMF and HBM. I feel privileged and lucky to live right now and be able to follow this band the way I do. I hope they keep The Tower, Bartok, Dream Home, Cuckoo and Ship of Fools for the upcoming tour. Although the other half of the record would be just as fine. And I hope they never stop.

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  6. JERO

    For me The Tower stands strong from day one, and these songs and especially how they are played live mostly convey Energy & Creativity to me (I would say more moving my body than my heart this time). It's not that I demand every MPpiece to move me to tears, they can convey allsorts to you.
    When I see/hear Tomas play these crazy, daring drumbreaks during Dreamhome (Rockpalast) it makes me shout out WOOOOO!!! although I never aspired to be someone who shouts out wooooo I cannot help myself, it's the energy, the sheer musicianship-craziness that moves me here.
    As for my account of where MP gets me in the heart these days; the song that touches my feeling/heart/soul the most after a long but in no way boring MP-time (in fact since Konsert for folk flest-the Grandioso finale) is Lux Aeterna, not only the melody of the chorus, but especially Snah's wailing, lyrical guitarplaying over the 'bluesy'part after the crazy 'speedjazz'part. They haven't lost that, nowadays it probably won't be a heartbreaking one-take lowfi song that will make your eyes water, it's more incorporated into the whole of a piece I think.
    In the end, I'm a believer in bringing body, mind and heart to harmony, in becoming one, to be able to really be able to Human. Musically, I see MP in their 30year growth going there as well. When these 3 aspects are one, the truly great entity will be born, halleluwah!

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  7. suntripper

    Fish Out of Water dude takes on A.S.F.E.

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