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Spring 2019 tour - songs played

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  • Started 1 week ago by Punj Lizard
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  1. Punj Lizard

    So, the first leg of the tour is over. Five shows, four locations. And if rumours are correct the band will be using the next couple of weeks to spend some time in the studio. Here's what I believe is a full list of songs played on tour so far (plus play count) in 2019 (starting 17 Febrary at UFFA, Trondheim). Please feel free to point out any errors or omissions. The song count is 33. Only three tracks have been played at every show so far (Psychotzar, The Crucible, The Tower).

    1. A Pacific Sonata - 3
    2. August - 1
    3. Bartok of the Universe - 3
    4. Bedroom Eyes - 1
    5. Black to Comm - 1
    6. Feel - 1
    7. Go to California - 2
    8. Greener - 3
    9. Gullible's Travails - 2
    10. Hell, Part 7 (Victim of Rock) - 3
    11. Hogwash - 2
    12. In Every Dream Home - 3
    13. Into the Sun 1
    14. Lux Aeterna - 5
    15. Nature's Way (Spirit cover) - 1
    16. Nothing to Say - 1
    17. Psychotzar - 6
    18. Ship of Fools - 2
    19. Stardust - 1
    20. Starhammer - 1
    21. Starmelt/Lovelight - 1
    22. The Alchemyst - 3
    23. The Crucible - 6
    24. The Cuckoo - 2
    25. The Other Fool - 4
    26. The Pilgrim (Wishbone Ash cover played during Überwagner) - 4
    27. The Promise - 4
    28. The Tower - 6
    29. Triggerman - 2
    30. Tristano - 1
    31. Überwagner - 4
    32. Walking on the Water [You Lied] - 2
    33. Watersound - 1

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  2. Juergen

    I like those lists because they give you an overview which songs can expected on the forthcoming concerts. I would like to count the concert in Trondheim UFFA on February 17th, too because it doesn't matter if a song had been played in February or in April. Motorpsycho could play it on the tour without any long rehearsals.

    They played Nothing To Say, August, Tristano and Into The Sun which I would add to this list and I would call it "2019 tour" (no difference between leg "April", leg "May/June", "festival leg" and "autumn leg".

    Motorpsycho played "Victim Of Rock" (Hell Part 7) which was linked to "The Tower" in Haugesund, Bergen and UFFA. This song should be added to the list.

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  3. Punj Lizard

    @Juergen. I had hoped you might have some input. I'm good with the idea of including the UFFA gig and will add those tracks to the list. I had called this 'Spring 2019' in order to treat it as separate to the autumn tour and to separate it from the one-offs or 'odds and ends', so to speak. This might be more useful if, as rumoured, an album is released in August or Septemper, but also if the two 'and friends' gigs have sets designed specifically for those gigs.

    I think for now I'll follow your lead and treat is as a 2019 list and then revisit in the summer and autumn.

    I was in two minds about Hell 7 as I wasn't sure if it was a substantial extract or just a minor quote within the instrumental section of The Tower. Again, though, I will follow your suggestion and include it.

    My intention is to update the list every several shows.

    Thanks again for suggestions.

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  4. Punj Lizard

    @Juergen - I've updated the list and explanation. Could you check it for me, please, and let me know if any further revisions are required.

    Posted 1 week ago #

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