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2019-05-21 Groningen VERA

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  • Started 1 month ago by sunchild.holgi
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  1. sunchild.holgi

    The Other Fool
    Bedroom Eyes
    The Crucible
    Pacific Sonata
    Go 2 California
    The Tower (incl. Hell)
    Walking on the Water

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  2. JERO

    Another night of Motor-psy-sonic delight, well worth driving 2x 230 km for. After the Tivoli gig,I was still so full of impressions, that tonight I sort of let go of expectations, of songs altogether in a way. Just swimming in that sea of sound was so wonderful, I feel now totally addicted to this sensory/acoustic sensation. Getting down to earth; I had a wonderful meet up with the one and only Punj Lizzard, and as I suspected we had good conversation and are the brothers in psychonautica we are. Greetings, friend. Some details of this gig: this time at the name dropping game during The Other Fool Bent mentioned another 70's Dutch (prog?!?)band: Earth & Fire. Check out their early stuff! If this goes on, I may even get to feel proud being Dutch
    The silly band introduction at the end I didn't hear to well, apart from "Snah on bass guitar" (with Snah himself pointing "rockstar"-smiling into the audience, the man has a talent for mime!). Bedroom eyes was the only acoustic song played tonight. First time I ever witnessed a drumsolo during an MP gig; I believe during Walking on the water Tomas got the space to show us what he got, and we can only drop our jaws at that! Highlight for me was the Alchemist, I love that piece (especially on roadwork 4) and it's a different trip every time. Well....bedtime now, I guess....for those going, have a great time at Leuven tomorrow!You/we are a happy few!

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  3. Punj Lizard

    Really great show last night. I'm totally shattered this morning and wondering how I'm going to survive tonight's onslaught. Hogwash and Victim of Rock were firsts for me and both were brilliant, especially Hogwash. I really enjoyed the Crucible material more tonight, esp. Psychotzar. I also connected with The Alchemyst more than I did in London or on other occasions. Highlight of the evening, though, was meeting dear JERO. Hopefully we'll meet again somewhere along the road.

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  4. Netsrak

    Oh, my... Yes!
    I nearly forgot about the drum part in "Walking on the water". Shame on me.

    We had a supposedly similar thing going in Hamburg.
    In my mind ever since Jacco there was this moment in "you lied" where one was paying extra attention to how he would handle the drum break.
    And surely Kenneth pulled off some neat tricks the one or two times I heard him perform the song.
    But only last week in Hamburg with Tomas I had the feeling: "Fuck! This was an actual drum solo!" I don't recall any details (...) but I clearly remember being floored by his playing. And then they transitioned directly from that solo to "Hogwash" and "Black to Comm" and so I almost forgot about it.

    So many highlights these days...

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  5. Krist Rampage

    Amazing gig! Fantastic sound. Excellent evening.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  6. HeyJane

    It was excellent and excellent! And loud!! No 577, dessverre... but Hogwash was there, and it was great!

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  7. Hercules Wolftrap

    This was an amazing show, facemelting!! My first time at Vera, my first time in Holland, my first time traveling to see MP and my first time being stolen from at a hostel. I’ve been a MP fan since Timothy’s Monster came out. I’ve see them a bunch in the 90’s. I have a weak spot for gig posters and Vera in know for that. A perfect place to go. I bought some merch before the show started, and quickly walked them back to the hostel. Being it was only a 2 min walk away. The next day as I was packing I noticed, the one thing I was most excited about, the facetetumultumnonbellum patch. Something I could sow on my jacket and display my love for the band. But unfortunately it was missing. I thought maybe it was somewhere in my luggage. I’ve been looking for it every since. I’ve even emailed the hostel to see it had been found, but no luck. The only option I can see is that someone also staying at the hostel stole it. Cause let’s face it, it’s a really cool patch. I’m a bit embarrassed that I was careless to let something like this happen.

    I’m really hoping that after the tour it’ll be available in the webshop. Also maybe they will come back to the UK in autumn. I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to buy it again but I can’t hold my breath lol.
    Thanks for reading. I needed to share.

    Posted 4 weeks ago #

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