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Ocean Sound Studio November 2019

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  • Started 8 months ago by boomer former helm


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  1. So exciting:

    From BoB:

    "In November we’ll head to Ocean Sound Studio at Giske with Ola Kvernberg and Lars Horntveth and record the music we made for the Håkon Gullvåg jubilee at the OFD/ St Olaf festival this summer. To us it feels like the natural conclusion to the song cycle started with The Tower and continued on The Crucible, and it will be nice to cap that off in style. Some of you might have seen the show either in Trondheim or at Øya Festival, so you know the feel of it. Those were stressed out concert versions though, so the recorded versions should have a little more coherence, finesse and detail to ‘em, and with guys like those two it is all bound to get good and strange! We have no ETA on this one either, but hope to have it out by summer."

    For instance the last New Model Arm Album was recorded there and that sounds amazing.

    We are so gifted with our favourite band here... I am so overwhelmed again.

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