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2019-10-05 Arnhem, Willemeen

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  1. Thomas

    The Crucible
    Light Fantastic
    -> Triggerman
    Granny Takes a Trip
    A Pacific Sonata
    Schiff der Bekloppten
    -> Bonny Lee
    -> Hogwash -> Spin -> Halleluwa -> Spin
    Year 0


    Posted 7 months ago #
  2. fillmore

    Just wow! Another new song, "Bonny Lee", a genuine seguefest and an unusally placed "Year 0" make this look so tasty!

    Posted 7 months ago #
  3. Matn

    Bonny Lee is in fact a B-side from Hyena 2006.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  4. Tomcat

    I guess hat was meant for the track "Light Fantastic". Great development of setlists - the new LP is being represented more and more. Hope they keep that up until Leipzig/Berlin on their way back from Italy

    Posted 7 months ago #
  5. Thomas

    Since I heard them playing Bonny Lee during the soundcheck in Braine-le-Comte it was my special wish to hear it last night. And it was fulfilled. Bonny Lee has an increadible energy live and it was great. No extended version, neither Light Fantastic, but with new or long time not played songs that´s completely expectable. They do more and more jams, as this night during Triggerman and Dreamhome. Again we could enjoy an endless ectatic run with Psychotzar through Hogwash to spin. I really like the Halleluwa tag which was much more than a short interlude. Spin within Hogwash is not the easy singalong, it is more a Doom version.

    The venue was a nice and small location in the strongly underrated city of Arnhem. I wasn´t sold out. See you guys in the end of the tour! There will be more surprises I guess.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  6. s_edelman

    It was massive, MP can do this so well.
    The huge Norweigian rockwall of sound squeezed into Arnhems Willem1.
    I got blown away a bit.
    But combined with the Amsterdam setlist there were so many different songs and moods

    Posted 7 months ago #
  7. dongonz

    Halleluwa? Is it the Can-Song? The played it? Or am I just slow today?

    Posted 7 months ago #
  8. TAF

    Indeed! It's been a regular feature inside Hogwash for years.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  9. dongonz

    wow... i've seen my share of mp shows and also Hogwash Versions over the years but this i didn't know. I love Halleluwa. Hope they do this in Leipzig as well!

    Posted 7 months ago #

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