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Snah's pedalboard

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  • Started 3 months ago by Blashyrkh
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  1. Blashyrkh

    Does anyone know what pedals Snah uses at this moment? Or got some pictures of his current pedalboard?
    He probably uses his beloved Ampeg Scrambler and Strymon Bluesky.

    Posted 3 months ago #
  2. Ercarnar

    I couldn't see clearly but on the last tour in Brescia he didn't use his Scrambler but another octave up fuzz, I could not see which though. I think he still has his Strymon El Capistan as a delay but he migh have more than one on the pedalboard. I can't remember if he still uses a fulldrive or other overdrives, since I couldn't seeclearly I didn't bother too much. I remember he used a Moogerfooger pedal too, but even that, I can't remember if it was Brescia in the last tour or Genova in the previous one. I hope some pics will clarify my confused memories
    Also, he now uses a Moog Minitaur with studiologic bass pedals instead of the classic Taurus 2 (which might be too valuable)

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  3. Blashyrkh

    Thank you @Ercarnar!
    I didn't know he switched his Taurus 2 with a Minitaur

    I'm going to see Snah on the Moster gig next saturday. I'll ask him.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  4. ffbernie

    hey Blashyrkh...Ill also be in de Sojo..;come and say hi...ill probably be in the back manning a camera

    Posted 1 week ago #
  5. Blashyrkh

    Hi @bernie, I’ve send you an invite on Facebook. Otherwise I wouldn’t know to who to say hello

    Posted 1 week ago #
  6. Perry_Joe

    I took this at their Show in London last Summer! Sorry it's a bit blurry!

    Posted 4 days ago #
  7. Blashyrkh

    @Perry_joe you're image seems to be broken

    Posted 4 days ago #
  8. Perry_Joe

    is that better?

    Posted 4 days ago #
  9. Blashyrkh

    yes thank you

    Posted 4 days ago #
  10. Blashyrkh

    I also have 2 pictures of Snah's pedalboard. I took them before and during the Moster gig last weekend.

    1. Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator
    2. Ampeg Scrambler
    3. Strymon Lex Rotary
    4. Fulltone Fulldrive 2 mosfet
    5. Strymon El Capistan
    6. Foxrox Octron 2
    7. Strymon Bluesky
    8. Boss RC-30 Loop station

    Posted 4 days ago #

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