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  1. Johnny_Heartfield

    Just watching Glocksee 97 - excellent gig! One of the best versions of STG I know. Great Vortex Surfer. Great singing by both Bent and Snah. Brilliant sound - a real gem. Thanx Bernie, Thanx MP.

    @ Bernie: btw. - have you received the material from Herzberg 2011 in the meantime? I have reminded the authors several times. The legal restrictions they underwent then with MP mamagement regarding publication of the video should now be obsolote with Bent's call for material and you publishing it on MP's behalf.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  2. ffbernie

    @ Johnny : nope didnt recieve anything.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. otherdemon

    @shakti: Absolutely agree, the 40+ mins of STG>VS>Chien>Manmower is out of this world

    Posted 1 month ago #
  4. Devotional

    ***.. | Superstooge
    ***.. | Sinful, Windborne
    **... | Like Always
    ***** | S.T.G.
    ****. | Vortex Surfer
    ****. | Un Chien d’Espace
    ****. | Manmower
    ***** | Sideway Spiral II
    ****. | Dr. Hoffman’s Bicycle
    ***** | You Lied
    ***** | Heartattack Mac (inc. Rocket USA)

    ***.. | Summertime Blues
    ****. | Starmelt/Lovelight
    ***** | Sterling Says

    **... | Flick Of The Switch

    Thank you so so much, Bernie! What a fantastic way to kick off the VHS Archive! The spring-leg of the AADAP-tour is amazing, and to have a quality recording like this of a complete show is such a gift.

    The start is solid, if not slightly tentative, but the quality of the recording makes it a superb watch/listen. Great camerawork, top notch editing, and the mix is so engaging! Surprisingly balanced, all the while being raw and exciting to boot. It has an analogue "melt"-quality to it. The guitars really sound like God. Just magical! Nice to see an embryonic "Superstooge", but the first highlight is a GREAT "S.T.G." with a lovely psych-outro. Also: That moment when Bent screams "Trust in me, I’ll change your destiny"…!! Wonderful to see people being exposed to a fairly finished VS for the very first time too, and a superb move to follow that with Un Chien. Love the mid-part. A great, swirling meditation. Free and open. It sounds sooo good! A BEAUTIFUL "Manmower" follows. Really powerful, and it has that spooky magic that gives it an extra edge. And then, YES, "Sideway Spiral II", which I love so much! This version really does it for me! Dat sound…!!! Mmmmm! Huge highlight, and Geb is awesome here! Now, "Dr. Hoffman’s Bicycle" is maybe not much of a song, but they hit it with so much force here, it reaches some great peaks. Love the melodic outro. But they still save an extra gear for the next, though. This "You Lied" is IT. THE version. One giant wave of energy, that while being great on its own, also totally ignites what follows, which is a MAJESTIC "Heartattack Mac". This is where things get truly psychotic, and they really reach the golden core here. The energy is through the roof. Fantastic vocals from Snah too, and Bent goes all the way into psychoverse during his Rocket USA-part.

    They come back for a nice Who-take on "Summertime Blues" (complete with a windmill from Bent), and a beautiful "Starmelt/Lovelight", which has some guitar-drop-outs in the recording, but no big deal. Great Snah-vox! Then comes a real treat. "Sterling Says"! Fuck yes!! Wonderfully chaotic, and has a noise-out on par with "Heartattack Mac" to boot. Super cool "White Light/White Heat"-type climax! Sterling would be very pleased.

    "Flick Of The Switch" is something of an anti-climatic ending, and is along with "Like Always" the only two middle-of-the-road-moments during this gig imho. But that doesn’t take away from the overall experience here. It’s like when McCartney said "Fuck off, it's the Beatles' White Album." - this a multi-cam club-show from May ’97 with soundboard audio! Blessalujah!

    This was filmed early in May, and the tour just got crazier as it went along with many of their all-time best setlists imho (particularly May 22 - Rimini, May 24 - Mezzago, May 29 - Vera, and the best one of the tour: June 1 - Eindhoven), and on top of that they introduced "Swiss Cheese Mountain", which was originally a stoner-masterpiece on par with "On The Toad Again" and "Home Of The Brave". My dream is that there is a ’97 recording of that which will magically turn up on a Trust Us deluxe…

    Anyways: Thanks again, and looking much forward to future archive shows!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  5. Phoots Flower

    casually I have found another xmas gift

    Motorpsycho - 2001-10-15 - Berlin, Casino
    Go To California
    Walking With J.
    All Is Loneliness
    Hey, Jane
    She Used To Be A Twin
    Sideway Spiral III
    Bedroom Eyes
    As We Go Along
    Big Surprise
    Sunnyboy Gaybar
    Song For A Bro'
    Star, Star, Star
    The Other Fool
    Young Man Blues
    When You're Dead

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  6. ffbernie

    second show is up...merry new year

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  7. Phoots Flower

    The link is ok? In Motorpsychodelics clips is in private mod

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  8. Devotional

    The second show too??! Hurray! Happy new year, Bernie

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  9. Devotional

    @Phoots Flower, no the link is dead at the moment - hopefully very temporary.

    Thanks for the link to the '01-show too. I'm always up for a Superstooge > Tristano!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  10. ffbernie
    Member bad...should be public now...enjoy

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  11. TraktorBass

    Snah is playing bass on Trapdoor at the Berlin gig, is that something he used to do?

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  12. elNibi

    I'm the camera operator of the Berlino show. The video was then edited by Ingo Seufer that mixed my video with a better audio source. He is now editing the credits of the video and so on.
    Back in fall 2001 I was following the band from Italy to Germany and back and the Berlino show was an absolute highlight, a huge 70' fest! The audience was incredibily "hot".
    From that tour I have also filmed the Treviso (9/10/2001) and Bielefeld (17/10/2001) shows. After almost 20 years I still have the miniDV original cassette here to be transferred and edited so if someone is interested I can send them.

    to traktorbass: yes, in that tour trapdoor was always played like that, I loved that version

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  13. Krist Rampage

    Snah also played bass on Now It’s Time To Skate in 2002

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  14. ffbernie

    @Elnibi : Id love to get the original DV tapes of those shows and see If I can improve them. I have the VHS copies of those 3 shows you sent to the band and was gonna post them soon :-)...but if you have the original that would be better. Please drop me a note if youre interested at x Bernie

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  15. TraktorBass

    I assume everyone has been viewing and rewinding and re-viewing the forum favourite tune Neverland from the Berlin gig. Some alternate pre-release lyrics going on there.

    Any details on those?

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  16. ffbernie

    hey VHS archive show is up : Vera, GRONINGEN 9-4-95

    Posted 1 week ago #
  17. Tomcat

    Wowoowoow that Wheel (Mad Sun included), those embryonic versions! Just had been skipping-through but this is another golden (Core) nugget

    Posted 1 week ago #
  18. Mark

    Great, I was there!
    Bernie, I still haven't found what I was looking for

    Posted 1 week ago #
  19. Devotional

    Wohoo!! Can't wait to watch Groningen '95! Here's my little "review" of the second Glocksee-show, btw:

    ***.. | Mad Sun [cuts in]
    ***** | Sister Confusion
    ***** | A Shrug & A Fistful
    ****. | Starmelt/Lovelight
    ****. | Superstooge (Inc. Playing In The Band)
    ***** | Heartattack Mac
    ***** | True Middle
    ***** | S.T.G.
    ***** | Young Man Blues
    ****. | You Lied
    ***** | Vortex Surfer

    ***.. | Dr. Hoffman’s Bicycle
    ****. | Up Our Sleeves
    ***** | Into The Sun

    ***** | Un Chien d’Espace (inc. Timothy’s Monster) [cuts]

    For the second night the video cuts in during the beginning of a good "Mad Sun", before going into an absolutely stunning version of "Sister Confusion". This arrangement really reveals what a powerful song that is. Bent’s screaming is awesome here. A kick ass "A Shrug & A Fistful" follows. Starmelt is a bit rougher than the day before, with Snah & Bent being a bit more unsteady vocally, but the energy is great, and the audience seems livelier. "Superstooge" is a LOT better than yesterday, and the audience is really into it. The "Heartattack Mac" from the day before seemed quite untouchable, and this is not as amazing, and less "together", but still pretty mindblowing. Geb is a beast here, and the climax is really massive! The segway into "True Middle" also works beautifully, and the final noise-out is just perfect there.

    It's STG-time!! Insanely good. Just insanely good. Better than the day before. Then The Who-time!! I mean… This is the sort of track that just falls flat unless your energy levels are maxed out, and MP certainly don’t go through the motions here. Bent gets really animated, jumping around and windmilling, it is such a joy to watch! And you just want to bathe in Snah’s sound. They cut it short just as it really lifts off, though, which is my only gripe with this version, and Snah seems to wholeheartedly agree. "Stopped way to early!", he shouts at Geb afterwards, who just points to Bent and says "No, no, it was Bent who [inaudible]!" Snah doesn’t answer, and Geb lets out a "I’m sorry…" that sounds both genuine and slightly annoyed at the same time. Snah seems pissed off during the beginning of "You Lied", which just adds additional fire to the track. But it still doesn’t match the version from the night before. That’s not to say it’s not great, though. Then they close with fucking Vortex Surfer… Arghh, they are so good… This one is better than the night before, but unfortunately has some slightly annoying drop-outs and level-shifting throughout. Bent also only goes for one high "pain", which takes the intensity slightly down at the climax, but overall it is still incredible. Imagine being in the audience hearing that for the first time…

    I have to say that this main set is even better than the night before overall, although VS doesn’t quite match "Heartattack Mac" in intensity.

    Bent returns to the stage smoking, and announces yet another new tune. It is "Dr. Hoffman’s Bicycle". The band isn’t totally in sync here, but once again they "force" it into something good by playing the life out of and thus into it. It doesn’t quite reach yesterday’s peaks, though. "Up Our Sleeves", on the other hand, hits the sweet spot. Great kick ass rock-out with fierce soloing from Snah. That was just the warm-up for "Into The Sun", though, which reaches some absolutely amazing peaks! The song itself is nothing if not a vehicle for a power-trio explosion, and the final part including and after the Albert Lee-style downtune/build-up from Snah is psych-rock heaven!

    They come back for a final encore (with Bent smoking again), and it’s a MONSTROUS Un Chien! It’s tighter, further out, and just plain more magical than the day before. Bent sings the lyrics to "Timothy’s Monster" before the groove kicks in in the middle. It never loses intensity or grace - until Bent breaks a string, and swiftly aborts the jam. Such a shame - they probably could have taken it even further. Bent seems pissed off, and throws an f-bomb during the final verse. The video fades out about a minute before the ending.

    Dampsaba claims that they opened this show with an acoustic version of Crosby, Stills & Nash’s "Find The Cost Of Freedom", which seems plausible at first, but it also claims that "Mad Sun" and "Sister Confusion" also were acoustic, which they clearly weren’t (it also says that "Hogwash" was played after "Up Our Sleeve").

    Since they did a two-night stint at Café Glocksee, they may have planned - and in that case probably run through some acoustic tracks earlier during the day, as they didn’t have any traveling to do. I have no idea why they dropped the plan - it may have been quite close to showtime, since they usually decide on the setlist not too long before the show, but my pet theory is that they dropped "Find The Cost Of Freedom" altogether, since that might not have worked too well electrically, making "Mad Sun" the first number. Just speculation from my part, though. Sure, they might have done an acoustic track before that, but my guess is that the film crew probably would have gotten at least one tape running if that was the case.

    But yes - overall an even better show than the day before. Amazing!

    Posted 1 week ago #

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