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  1. mister conclusion

    Hi Bernie,

    thanks again for a real gem. One of the earliest recordings available, decent video and good sound quality, first Demon Box with Deathprod...

    Really interesting and fun to watch this.

    Posted 6 days ago #
  2. otherdemon

    Yeah, this is essential stuff for those who prefer early MP!

    Fun fact: They recorded the Sheer Profoundity music video the day before the concert.
    According to Bent's commentary track on the Haircuts DVD, there were more people
    present at the music video shoot than at the actual concert

    Btw, does anybody recognize the song they play between Frances and Demon Box?
    That one was unknown to me...

    Posted 6 days ago #
  3. shakti

    Pure gold.

    Dreads-era Motorpsycho live @ Kabelvåg? Get outta here.

    Posted 6 days ago #
  4. Juergen

    @ otherdemon:

    The track between "Frances" and "Demon Box" is unknown for me, too. The line "I saw you on Tuesday..." was later used in The Sift/Now It's Time To Skate but the melody is too different compared to those two songs.

    Posted 5 days ago #
  5. otherdemon

    @Juergen: Yeah I heard that line too. But I guess it might be one of those half-baked songs they never bothered to finish properly.

    Posted 4 days ago #
  6. Devotional

    Re: The acoustic track, my pet-theory is that is was an early "prelude"/part of "Demon Box". The debut performance of DB was at Norsk Rockforbund's 10 year anniversary festival on September 18th, and a review in Tønsberg Blad said that they played one new 20-minute song that included every single facet of the band - including acoustic.

    On the other hand, Bent introduces the song with "Now me and Snah will sing a ballad. It’s not too long..." Could be cheeky humour from Mr. LeBad.

    Posted 4 days ago #
  7. Hans Boller

    Thanks a ton, Bernie! This one feels like a birthday present to me! I'm still waiting for the perfect time, when there's no one to bother me, and I can crank up the volume and fully immerse myself in the glory of early MP. Their sound would become so much more refined and many-faceted over the next decades, but something about that youthful, primitive energy moves me profoundly...

    Posted 3 days ago #
  8. Vegard B. Havdal

    The show starts at 26:00

    Posted 3 days ago #
  9. shakti

    I find those early shows so fascinating just because they are pretty ho-hum at times...yet there is *something* tangible there, a glimpse of future greatness, and of course the odd flash of pure brilliance, like Demon Box. Knowing what would come in just a very short time after this show, makes it an extremely interesting discovery.

    Posted 3 days ago #
  10. Hans Boller

    Just finished watching the new entry. What a beautiful little gem from way back when! Things that came to my attention during my first watch:

    - Bent gesticulating and asking the audience to come closer. I guess that's normal when you're still just on of many metal-ish bands during the height of "grunge" and you don't really have a following yet. It's also funny to see how the audience hesitantly obliges. Well, at least sometimes. During the concert the movement in front of the stage is very uneven. Watch out for the frantic headbanger at the beginning of Sheer Profundity!

    - Bent's attire. What the heck is he wearing? A tie die-dye shirt and a pair of extremely ripped jeans? Looks like he cut the pants himself a hundred times up and down the leg. Did people do that on purpose back in the day to score extra points for punkishness? I demand answers!

    - Snah doesn't sing. We can only see and hear him providing back-up scream at the end of Sheer Profundity.

    - There is no jamming going on. Except for the noise part in Demon Box, but i wouldn't call that improvising in the classical sense. Snah improvises some of his solos, but that's about it. When did MP really start "taking off"? Was that during the 1993 tour? It is really weird to see the band play one four minute song after the other, without a lengthy build-up. Motorpsycho then and now truly are two almost completely different bands.

    - Deathprod doesn't really have a lot to do. To be honest, I actually prefer it that way, his samples and weird noises can add a lot, when they're utilised wisely, like on the Demon Box studio album. On the 2015 live recording of said record he often adds one layer too much, for example on Sunchild and The One Who Went Away. I prefer it when he supports bass, drums and guitar and doesn't really overpower those instruments and drowns the whole song in a wall of noise. There are exceptions of course, like the middle part of Demon Box. Love the sounds he adds to the beginnig of Plan #1, they create the perfect atmosphere!

    Posted 2 days ago #

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